Bones stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel hit the Comic-Con stage with executive producer Stephen Nathan earlier today to show off the first footage from Season 10, which includes a sneak peek at Booth's(David Boreanaz) life behind bars this season. Take a look at the footage below, then read on for more details revealed during today's panel.

Executive producer Stephen Nathan revealed that the season takes place four months after the Season 9 finale, as Brennan (Emily Deschanel) tries to free her husband.

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"We saw Booth getting hauled off to jail and we saw Booth and Brennan being split apart. Four months later we come back with Booth in jail and Brennan and everyone else doing anything they possibly can to [find information that will get him freed]."

The cast and crew teased that Booth won't be in prison for too long, while David Boreanaz teased that fans will see a different side of Booth while he is inside.

"Well, the food's not too good. I think we will see a different side of him. ... I think he is definitely in a state of confusion with his present state of mind, where he fits in the Bureau, where he fits with Brennan."

Stephen Nathan revealed that Booth is feeling betrayed by the FBI this season.

"This is the first time he's been betrayed by an institution that he devoted his life to and risked his life for. ... It really shakes the foundation of the entire premise of the show -- whether he can trust the FBI, how he can get back to work. It's a big hurdle for him to overcome."

He also teased a conspiracy that will be in play this year.

"The conspiracy is something that's been going on, we'll find out, for decades. While they can catch one murderer that doesn't mean all murder stops. They will put a stop to this within the first few episodes, but the reality [is that this] conspiracy can't go away completely. It's something that will be on the canvas of this show for this season."

Stephen Nathan also talked about the 200th episode, with series creator Hart Hanson writing the episode and David Boreanaz directing.

"The 200th is going to be a special episode. It's going to be one of our odd ones. It's not going to be a typical murder. I think Hart will come back and we'll write that one together."