Whether you're actually at the San Diego Convention Center, trying to work your way through the massive crowds, or just following along at home, San Diego Comic-Con can be an overwhelming experience, to say the least. With four straight days of epic panel presentations, there's just no way to see everything that the Con has to offer, but now that another SDCC is in the books, we have you covered with a thorough list of all the TV trailers that were showcased at the Con this year. Make sure you have a good chunk of time blocked out for this, because the Con was certainly heavy on TV this year, with a ton of epic trailers that debuted throughout all four days of SDCC.

The con kicked off on Thursday with farewells to two beloved shows, MTV's Teen Wolf, which will bring its run to a close with Season 6, and Syfy's 12 Monkeys, which will end with Season 4. Both shows featured new trailers for their final seasons during their respective panels, giving the fans of each program one last time to enjoy these shows at SDCC. Netflix also had a presence on this first day of the Con with a look at Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 3, while Starz brought the highly-anticipated first look at Outlander Season 3 and ABC offered a new look at their Marvel series Inhumans. Other highlights from Thursday include the return of Rocko's Modern Life, with a trailer for the highly-anticipated Nickelodeon TV movie.

As the Con goes on, it gets bigger and bigger, and that was certainly the case with Friday, which featured two of the biggest shows on TV right now, AMC's The Walking Dead, which returns with Season 8 this fall, and HBO's Game of Thrones, which debuted its seventh season last weekend. The Walking Dead trailer offered a first look at the highly-anticipated season, which will follow the popular All Out War comics volumes, although the end of the trailer provided one of the most head-scratching moments of the Con, showcasing Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) who has seemingly aged several years. The Game of Thrones trailer offered footage from the next two episodes, last night's Stormborn and next week's The Queen's Justice. If that wasn't enough, fans also got a glimpse at the back half of Fear the Walking Dead Season 3, which returns September 10, the return of Nickelodeon's Hey Arnold, Syfy's Superman prequel series Krypton, Netflix's The Defenders, Fox's upcoming X-Men series The Gifted, History's beloved series Vikings and the long-awaited first look at USA Network's Psych: The Movie.

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Saturday was simply bursting at the seems for TV at the Con, with The CW bringing all of its DC superhero shows (Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Black Lightning) to the San Diego Convention Center, FX unveiling the American Horror Story: Cult title for this upcoming season, HBO unveiling the first footage from Westworld Season 2 and Netflix bringing its smash hit Stranger Things to the Con for the first time, with a trailer that many thought was among the best, if not the best. If that wasn't enough, Disney XD also had a surprise in store for fans of DuckTales, with a new trailer revealing the show will also feature another iconic character, Darkwing Duck. The CW also brought its hit shows The 100, Riverdale and The Originals to San Diego, while Fox offered a sizzle reel for Lucifer Season 3, teasing the title character dealing with the return of his angel wings, a first look at Gotham Season 4 featuring the Scarecrow, more footage from the CBS All Access series Star Trek Discovery, a new trailer for Fox's upcoming sci-fi spoof series The Orville and a new look at Preacher Season 2.

The Con came to a close on Sunday with The CW's Supernatural, which had quite a surprise for fans at their Hall H panel. As longtime fans know, each season finale features the iconic Kansas song Carry On Wayward Son, and The CW actually brought out Kansas for a live performance of their hit song in front of the crowd, which was one of the biggest surprises of the five day event. Fans also got a first look at the Doctor Who Christmas Special, which will be the final appearance of Peter Capaldi as the Time Lord, with Jodie Whittaker taking over the role in Season 11. Take a look at all of the incredible TV trailers that we covered on TVWeb for Comic-Con 2017.

'Voltron Legendary Defender' Comic-Con Trailer

While fans at this packed Comic-Con panel got to see the full Season 3 premiere episode, the rest of us had to settle for the new trailer for this hit animated series. This upcoming season takes place in the aftermath of Zardon's defeat and the disappearance of Shiro, with the paladins struggling since they cannot form Voltron anymore, since no one has the ability to pilot the black lion. While Prince Lotor rises to power, the paladins must quickly devise a plan to stop this nefarious villain from taking over.

'Stan Against Evil' Comic-Con Trailer

After the the Season 1 finale cliffhanger, where current Willard's Mill sheriff Evie Barrett (Janet Varney) was trapped in the year 1692, former sheriff Stan Miller (John C. McGinley) must finally get off the couch and try to save her. Stan needs to move fast, though, since, back in 1692, Evie has been accused of witchcraft, and has been sentenced to burn at the stake for her crimes. The actual town of Willard's Mill was built on the site of a 17th Century massive witch burning, which will most likely com up throughout this highly-anticipated second season.

'Inhumans' Comic-Con Trailer

Marvel brought one of this fall's most highly-anticipated series to Comic-Con this year, with a new trailer for Inhumans that offered a better look at the Royal Family, some of whom will leave their home planet of Atillan to hide out on Earth. With a massive teleporting dog named Lockjaw, a king named Black Bolt (Anson Mount) whose voice is so powerful he literally cannot speak, and a nefarious brother trying to rule all of Atillan in his brother's stead (Iwan Rheon), Inhumans is shaping up to be one of the biggest hits this fall. Fans will even get a chance to see the first two episodes on the big screen in IMAX, with a two-week limited run starting September 1.

'Rocko's Modern Life' Comic-Con Trailer

Nickelodeon brought back the iconic animated series Rocko's Modern Life to Comic-Con, with the first trailer from the upcoming TV movie Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling. The series brings back Rocko, Heffer, Filburt and Spunky the dog, who have been lost in space since the year 1996, which was, coincidentally, the same year the original series went off the air. Now all of these friends will come back to Earth in present day, as Rocko and his friends struggle to adapt to their new high-tech surroundings. Rocko sets off on a mission to prove that his nostalgia for the past can help save humanity from their dependence on technology.

'Krypton' Comic-Con Trailer

Syfy brought their Superman prequel series Krypton to Comic-Con to unleash the first full trailer, with the series not expected to debut until sometime in 2018. The story is set two generations before the destruction of the planet Krypton, following the Man of Steel's grandfather, leader of the House of El, whose family was ostracized and shamed, as he fights to redeem his family's honor and save his beloved world from chaos. While we still have quite some time before this series airs, this SDCC trailer is more than enough to get fans excited.

'The Walking Dead' Comic-Con Trailer

In perhaps one of the biggest head-scratching moments from the Con, this Walking Dead trailer ends with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) was shown having aged several years, with no explanation as to why this was shown. This season follows the All Out War comic books, an epic-two volume set that showcases the army Rick has amassed, including The Kingdom and Hilltop Colony, going to war against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviors. At the end of this comic volume, there is a time jump of about two years, but it looks like this old Rick has aged a lot more than just two years. With the new season debuting on October 22, hopefully we'll get some answers soon about how this geriatric Rick fits into the story.

'Fear the Walking Dead' Comic-Con Trailer

The Walking Dead companion series Fear the Walking Dead also came to Comic-Con, showcasing the first footage from the back half of Season 3, which returns Sunday, September 10. After the bloody season finale, that saw the Broke Jaw Ranch square off against the Indians in a race battle, and while it didn't escalate into a full-scale war, the four founding members of the Broke Jaw Ranch were in fact killed. It also seems that Madison (Kim Dickens) may be gearing up for a battle with Daniel's (Ruben Blades) people from the dam, when the hit series returns.

'Game of Thrones' Comic-Con Trailer

While the series usually comes to Comic-Con just after their recent season has ended, this year was the first time that the GoT cast and crew came to San Diego while the show was still on the air, The trailer that was showcased featured footage from last night's episode, Stormborn, and next week's episode The Queen's Justice, offering a tantalizing tease to the next episode, with this season already nearing the half-way mark. Unlike the past six seasons, Season 7 spans just seven episodes long, with the eighth and final season spanning just six episodes. Still, with the Great War just getting started, there should be much more exciting footage from this season coming in the next few weeks.

'Hey Arnold' Comic-Con Trailer

Nickelodeon came to Comic-Con this year armed with the first clip from Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie, which is slated to debut on the network at some time later this year. The trailer shows all of Arnold's friends surprising him with a video that shows all of the good deeds Arnold has done, which also serves as a nice introduction to viewers who may not be so familiar with the original animated series. This two-hour movie will serve as a conclusion to the entire series, with Arnold and his friends going on a quest to find his long-missing parents, while wrapping up several other unresolved plot lines as well.

'The Defenders' Comic-Con Trailer

After the four individual shows Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist were huge hits on the Netflix streaming service, Marvel and Netflix are bringing them all together with the highly-anticipated mini-series The Defenders. This series had been in the works for years, ever since Marvel first announced all four of these shows were heading to Netflix, and now fans will finally get to see if all of these vastly different heroes can actually work together to defeat a new threat, Alexandra (Sigourney Weaver).

'Psych: The Movie' Comic-Con Trailer

Just three years after going off the air following eight beloved seasons, Shawn (James Roday) and Gus (Dule Hill) are back with Psych: The Movie, a brand new TV movie airing on USA Network this December. While the trailer doesn't actually feature any footage from the movie, we do get to see James Roday and Dule Hill get into shape for the movie, while "breaking the fourth wall" and speaking directly to the fans. The plot follows Shawn, Gus and some of the other returning series regulars reuniting after a mysterious assassin targets one of their own. Other returning stars include Corbin Bernsen, Kirsten Nelson, Maggie Lawson and Kurt Fuller, with Zachary Levi portraying the villain known as the Thin White Duke.

'The Gifted' Comic-Con Trailer

With the X-Men universe spreading to the TV landscape last earlier this year with the FX series Legion, fans will get to see another corner of this mutant world unfold with the Fox series The Gifted, which debuted new footage at Comic-Con. Bryan Singer returns to direct the pilot episode with familiar mutant characters such as Thunderbird, Polaris, Eclipse and Blink showing off their mutant powers. The story centers on a young family who must go on the run when they learn their children possess mutant powers, as they discover an underground network of mutants that help them survive. This could be another bit hit for Fox when it hits the airwaves on October 2.

'American Horror Story: Cult' Comic-Con Trailer

After months of speculation, FX finally unveiled the title for this new season of American Horror Story at Comic-Con, with this new trailer. Series creator Ryan Murphy had teased in the past that this season will tie into the 2016 Presidential election, with this first trailer filled with creepy clowns. It is believed that the Election will serve as a jumping off point for the season, although very little about the actual plot has been revealed. Now that the title and this first trailer is finally out there for all to see, hopefully we'll learn more about this series soon.

'Stranger Things' Comic-Con Trailer

Many fans who followed the Con called this Stranger Things Season 2 trailer the best of the Con, and it's hard to argue that, with new footage of the core group of kids from this innocent town of Hawkins, Indiana. While Will Byres (Noah Schnapp) has been rescued from the Upside Down, there is still plenty of danger lurking in Hawkins. There is also the arrival of a few new characters this season, which kicks off on Halloween in 1984, with all of the kids dressing up as Ghostbusters. This trailer was one of the most talked about throughout the Con, although it remains to be seen if the show can live up to the high expectations after the blockbuster first season.

'Lucifer' Comic-Con Trailer

Fox brought their hit series Lucifer to Comic-Con after a surprising Season 2 finale, where Lucifer was kidnapped and left on his own in the desert, while his angel wings surprisingly grew back. The trailer itself shows Lucifer is still up to his old devilish tricks, even with his angel wings. While we don't see him in the trailer, it was also announced during the panel that Smallville star Tom Welling will join the series as Marcus Pierce, an accomplished police lieutenant who develops a connection with Decker (Lauren German). Unfortunately, the trailer doesn't offer too many details about the angel wings, but hopefully we'll find out more soon.

'Westworld' Comic-Con Trailer

After a wildly successful first season, including landing an Emmy Nomination for Best Drama series, Westworld descended upon Comic-Con for the first time, debuting the first look at Season 2, although a premiere date has still not been determined yet. Filming has only been under way for a few weeks, so there isn't too much to show although it seems fans may have to wait much longer for this season than originally intended. While a premiere date has not been revealed, it was speculated that this series may not return until the fall of 2018 although that has not been set in stone quite yet.

'Supergirl' Comic-Con Trailer

Supergirl returned to San Diego with an epic trailer that offered our first look at the season's new villain, Reign, portrayed by Odette Annable. The trailer also featured a first look at yet another new character, Morgan Edge, played by Adrian Pasdar, who is a ruthless real estate developer who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. This villainous capitalist has big plans for National City, which puts him on the radar of Kara Zor-El (Melissa Benoist) and Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath). Other new characters include Yael Grobglas as DC character Psi, a psychic villain who uses people's own minds against them, and Emma Tremblay as Ruby, a smart, independently minded National City kid who's fascinated by Supergirl and ends up in jeopardy because of it.

'Star Trek Discovery' Comic-Con Trailer

The iconic Star Trek franchise finally returns home to the small screen this fall with Star Trek Discovery, with CBS All Access debuting a new trailer in from of the Comic-Con crowd. This footage was taken from several episodes throughout the season, offering our first look at Rainn Wilson's con man character Harry Mudd as well as Jason Isaac's Captain Gabriel Lorca. The trailer also shows Lorca accusing Sonequa Martin-Green's character Michael Burnham of igniting the war with the Klingons. We'll have to wait and see how this plays out when the series premiere airs Sunday, September 24th, 2017 on CBS, with the remainder of the season to follow on the CBS All Access streaming service.

'DuckTales' Comic-Con Trailer

One of the biggest surprises on the TV side of the Con came during the DuckTales trailer, when it was confirmed that the iconic character DarkWing Duck will be part of this series. While DarkWing Duck was a popular series in its own right, the character never existed in the same world as DuckTales before, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out, as the Disney XD network doubles down on the nostalgia factor for this highly-anticipated series. DuckTales kicks off with a one-hour TV movie on August 12, which will run on Disney XD for 24-hours straight ahead of the actual series premiere in September.

'Gotham' Comic-Con Trailer

Heading into Season 4, Gotham has brought a number of iconic DC Comics character into the show, and Season 4 will be no different, with the new Comic-Con trailer revealing that the villain Scarecrow will have a presence in Gotham this season. The series also brought in a new cast member, Crystal Reed, wh portrays Sofia Falcone, the daughter of Don Falcone. The character has been described as strong and calculating, who has run the Falcone operation in the south for the last 10 years and is now returning to Gotham to help Gordon attempt to take down the Penguin. Things certainly won't be getting any easier for Jim Gordon and the rest of the GCPD this season.

'Riverdale' Comic-Con Trailer

After a successful first season, The CW has brought Riverdale to Comic-Con to give fans a sneak peek at the first footage from Season 2. After debuting in mid-season, The CW is giving Riverdale a full season this year, debuting on October 11, although the series will be getting quite dark in Season 2, with the main cast returning including s KJ Apa as Archie Andrews, Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper, Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge, Ashleigh Murray as Josie McCoy, Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones and Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl Blossom. We still have several months before the new season premieres, but hopefully we'll find out more about just how dark Riverdale gets this season.

'The Flash' Comic-Con Trailer

The CW brought a new teaser for The Flash Season 4 to SDCC this year, along with several new casting reveals. Neil Sandilands has signed on to play this season's primary villain, The Thinker, who was teased by the nefarious Abra Kadabra in Season 3. The Thinker, who was born Clifford DeVoe, is said to be a genius level inventor that has mind control and telekinesis powers that come from his "Thinking Cap." Other new casting additions include Danny Trejo as Breacher, who is the father of Gypsy (Jessica Camacho), with Kim Engelbrecht playing The Mechanic, the right hand of The Thinker.

'Arrow' Comic-Con Trailer

A regular fixture in Ballroom 20, Arrow returned for its Season 6 panel, where the first trailer was revealed, confirming that Deathstroke (Manu Bennett) will in fact return for Arrow Season 6. It was also announced at the panel that Michael Emerson has come aboard to play a mystery character who has not yet been revealed. It was also confirmed that David Nykl is returning as Anatoly Knyazev, Oliver Queen's friend/mentor/nemesis. The trailer also confirmed that the island was destroyed, although it isn't ultimately clear who survived the massive explosion in the Season 5 finale, or how they survived.

'The 100' Comic-Con Trailer

The 100 executive producer Jason Rothenberg revealed some big secrets at the panel, confirming that the prison ship that surfaced in the Season 4 finale was in fact from Earth, from more than 100 years ago. In the Season 4 finale, the show jumped forward six years in time after Praimfaya ravaged the planet, and killed most of the human race. While no details were given about who is inside this prison ship, it certainly does set the stage for an intriguing fifth season, although a series premiere date has yet to be given.

'Legends of Tomorrow' Comic-Con Trailer

The Legends of Tomorrow Comic-Con trailer hinted that the Rip Hunter and his Waverider crew may have "broken" time after travelling back and forth so much. We even get a glimpse of dinosaurs in this trailer, as these prehistoric creatures roam around Los Angeles. Wentworth Miller is returning as Captain Cold this season, although not much has been revealed about the plot thus far. Hopefully we'll find out more as we get closer and closer to the season premiere this October.

'Black Lightning' Comic-Con Trailer

Black Lightning will be the fifth CW series based on a DC Comics property, but this series won't debut until midseason, and an exact premiere date has yet to be given. Still, the network debuted this trailer for the Comic-Con crowd, while announcing new cast members. James Remar has come aboard to playPeter Gambi, the oldest friend of Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams), said to be his father figure, mentor and "tailor." Damon Gupton has come aboard as Inspector Henderson, a veteran officer of the law who is now the highest-ranking detective on the force.

'The Orville' Comic-Con Trailer

Fox brought its sci-fi parody series The Orville to Comic-Con to unveil a new trailer for this new series, set 400 years in the future. The show follows the adventures of the starship Orville, a mid-level exploratory spaceship, as its crew, both human and alien alike, face the wonders and dangers that space presents. The series, which premieres on September 10, has some high-profile talent behind and in front of the camera, with creator/star Seth MacFarlane and Jon Favreau, who directed the pilot episode and serves as an executive producer. It remains to be seen if Seth McFarlane can find the same success with a live-action show as he did with Family Guy.

'Preacher' Comic-Con Trailer

AMC brought its hit series Preacher to SDCC this year as Season 2 is already under way, kicking off at the end of June. The first season of Preacher turned out to be a prequel to the original comic books, created by Garth Ennis and the late Steve Dillon, with the Preacher Season 1 finale ending right at the beginning of the comics. Fans of the hit comics will likely see many similarities between the early comics and this season, although there will be plenty of differences as well.

'Supernatural' Comic-Con Trailer

While you don't see it in this sizzle reel, Supernatural pulled off one of the biggest surprises of the Con, with a life performance by Kansas, singing Carry On Wayward Son, a song which is used in every Supernatural season finale episode. Instead, this sizzle reel was set to Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters," and while some fans were expecting footage of the Scooby-Doo animated crossover episode, which is coming later on this season, that didn't happen. With just a few months until the October 12 premiere, we should start getting some real footage sooner rather than later.

'Doctor Who' Comic-Con Trailer

BBC America brought Peter Capaldi for his last Con as the Time Lord, since the actor is stepping away from the role after this year's Christmas Special. That special will also introduce the new Time Lord, played by Jodie Whittaker, whose casting has become quite controversial among some circles of fans. Still, Peter Capaldi fans have one more episode to enjoy with him as the Time Lord, before the proverbial baton is passed to Jodie Whittaker. You can also take a look at some of the other trailers that debuted during the Con, such as Teen Wolf, Vikings, The Originals and more.