ABC released four trailers for Season 3 of Once Upon a Time at the show's Comic-Con 2013 panel earlier today, one of which reveals that The Little Mermaid will be a part of this season. We also see that Captain Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) is setting sail for Neverland, where the characters Peter Pan and Tinkerbell will be introduced. Take a look at the latest footage from this ABC series, which we reported earlier this week will kick off with the "The Heart is the Truest Believer" on Sunday, September 29. Then read on for more information about the season from creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.

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With so many iconic characters in the show, it can be a tricky arrangement to legally showcase them in the series. Edward Kitsis revealed that they had to wait for the lawyers to sort everything out before moving forward with the Neverland storyline.

"The journey was really us waiting for lawyers to figure it out."

Adam Horowitz added that the show's version of Peter Pan is much different than what we've seen before.

"Peter Pan has got a complicated motivation. It's a little different than what you've seen before."

Edward Kitsis also teased that Neverland itself will have its own unique twist to it.

"Some of course will be those you remember from the book and we'll have our own spin on it. It is a place where anything can happen."