The Following star James Purefoy made a surprise appearance at the Fox show's Comic-Con 2013 panel yesterday, with series creator Kevin Williamson confirming that the actor will be back for Season 2, which was ordered by Fox in March.

The announcement came as quite a surprise to those who attended the panel in Ballroom 20, since it was believed that his character, serial killer and cult leader Joe Carroll, was dead at the end of Season 1. When asked about what Joe Carroll has been up to since his supposed death, James Purefoy had this to say.

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"I suspect he's been doing a little bit of soul-searching. I suspect he's trying to see where the plan went awry. He'll come back with double the strength I hope and double the force ... He'll have some time on his own, out of the city."

Kevin Williamson followed up by saying that Joe Carroll may try to reimagine himself in Season 2.

"He was a little selfish last year; he wants to get his family together and write a book. He may just have to figure out a new way and reimagine himself in a new way as a man and a new killer."

The series creator also teased flashbacks to Joe's past this coming season, adding that there will be a one-year time jump from Season 1 to Season 2. He did also confirm that Natalie Zea's Claire is in fact dead, and revealed that they are casting new characters.

"No one's been cast yet but we're going to have new characters, some new leads to interface with [everyone]."

Season 2 of The Following will return on Fox sometime in midseason.