This year at Comic-Con, fans can partake in an immersive experience into A&E's Coma, a modern day retelling of the Robin Cook novel and iconic film by Michael Crichton. Produced by Ridley Scott & Tony Scott, the two-night event premieres this Labor Day on A&E.

Fans walking the grounds outside of Comic-Con can come and join the thriller experience of Coma from Thursday, July 12 through Saturday, July 14 at 11am - 9pm on 1st Avenue and J Street right outside of the San Diego Convention Center. Doctors will be handing out patient bracelets for admittance to the 15,000 square foot "Jefferson Institute," the ominous leading institute in coma patient care from the mini-series. The Coma Experience is free and will include:

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  • Reception - Participants will be greeted by Jefferson Institute nurses who will admit them into The Coma Experience. The nurses will guide the visitors to the security monitors so they can get a glimpse of what they're about to step into as well as see exclusive, first-look footage from the mini-series.
  • Surgery - Nurses will then take fans to the experiential surgery room where they'll meet surgeons who will decide if they're good candidates for the tour. If so, fans will have the option of getting a 3-D surgical scar tattoo.
  • Area 2 - As part of the experience, visitors will be allowed to access The Jefferson Institute's highly secured Area 2, where they will get a glimpse of the doctors at work. In this room, Jefferson Institute human specimens will be on display designed with the chilling look and feel that's authentic to the mini-series.
  • Area 8 Green Screen - Finally, visitors will be able to step into Area 8, which will be the end of The Jefferson Institute tour. Area 8 will offer visitors the opportunity to get an up close and personal view of an actual "Coma Pod" that was used in the Ridley & Tony Scott production. In addition, visitors may participate in a green screen photo opportunity that places them into the iconic Coma Pod as if they themselves are the victims of the Jefferson Institute.

For a fully immersive experience that extends beyond Comic-Con, fans can go to ComaConspiracy where they can activate a thrilling digital experience. The hacker activists that are trying to take down the Jefferson Institute in the mini-series will invite visitors to join their cause, and opting-in will launch a highly-targeted digital cat-and-mouse game that pulls fans into the heart of the Coma Conspiracy. Here, participants will feel first hand what it's like to go up against the all-knowing, all-powerful and heavily financed Jefferson Institute.

Coma is a two-night special event starring James Woods, Geena Davis, Richard Dreyfuss, Ellen Burstyn, Lauren Ambrose and Steven Pasquale premiering Night 1 on A&E, Monday, September 3 and concluding with Night 2 on Tuesday, September 4 at 9PM ET/PT each night. In Coma , a young doctor (Lauren Ambrose) discovers that something sinister is going on in her hospital after routine procedures send more than a few seemingly healthy patients into comas on the operating table.