Seth MacFarlane brought his animated shows Family Guy and American Dad! to San Diego Comic-Con today, offering a sneak peek at the upcoming seasons debuting this fall on Fox. The series creator revealed that the Family Guy Season 11 finale in May will revolve around a road trip to Las Vegas.

Brian and Stewie will be teleporting to Sin City in the episode, although not all goes according to plan. The teleporting device malfunctions and ends up cloning the two characters, one of whom has the best time of their life, while the other has the worst possible time. Other Family Guy story lines this season include the Griffin's buying a farm, Peter becoming a meth dealer, and an episode where the family becomes a Nielsen household, and Peter steals multiple boxes to influence television in his own way. Seth MacFarlane also revealed they have no plans for any future movie spoofs, such as their Star Wars parodies.

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American Dad! announced new guest stars for Season 9, including Jon Hamm, Danny Glover, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Rupert Grint, and Will Forte.

In related news, Seth MacFarlane revealed that his reboot of The Flintstones is currently on hold. We first reported on the series last May, but we haven't heard anything about it ever since. Here's what he had to say at the American Dad! panel about the reboot.

"It's been put on the backburner, so we don't know when it is going to happened. There's no exact schedule."

Both Family Guy and American Dad! kick off their new seasons Sunday, September 30.