The infamous college admissions scandal involving actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman is getting the small screen treatment, as Annapurna Television optioned the rights to the upcoming book Accepted. Written by Melissa Korn and Jen Levitz, the book dives into the scandal that quickly made national headlines once the news was broken this past March. Using the book for inspiration, the limited series will be penned by Emmy winning writer D.V. Devincentis (American Crime Story). Sue Naegle, Ali Krug, and Patrick Chu will be producing for Annapurna, with Penguin Random House's Portfolio publishing the project.

Details of the college admissions scandal became public knowledge back in March, when 50 parents were charged by the FBI and the United States Attorney's Office in a nationwide college admissions bribery scheme. For various amounts at prestigious colleges, the suspects are all alleged to have spent large sums of money to ensure the placement of their children in specific schools. Because celebrities like Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman were named as a part of the scheme, the scandal became one of the hottest news stories of the year. For her part, Huffman pleaded guilty to the charges against her, writing an open letter of apology and contrition. She is currently awaiting sentencing and may go to prison.

As for Lori Loughlin, the case won't be so cut and dry. Along with her husband, the actress was accused of spending $500,000 to have her daughters accepted into the University of Southern California as a part of the school's rowing team, although neither had ever participated in the sport. After rejecting a plea deal that would have required both of them to spend two years in prison, Loughlin and her husband pleaded not guilty to the charges in April, preferring to take the case to trial. Time will tell if either of the two end up spending time behind bars, but the potential severity of the punishment could see them locked up for a very long time.

Even if Loughlin is found not guilty in a court of law, the actress has already lost her major sources of employment. Hallmark cut ties with her completely in the wake of the scandal, firing her from the TV series When the Heart Calls. Netflix followed suit soon after by dropping her from the upcoming fifth and final season of Fuller House, meaning we've all seen the last of Aunt Becky. If everything legally works out for Loughlin, she will ultimately walk away from the scandal a free woman, but it may prove challenging for her to find another steady job on TV.

It's too early to say who might be playing Loughlin in Accepted, but it won't be the first time someone has portrayed the actress on television. Stephanie Bennett (The Romeo Section) previously played Loughlin on the Lifetime original movie The Unauthorized Full House Story, so perhaps she'll be interested in reprising the role. No word yet on when we can expect to watch Accepted. This information comes to us from Deadline.