Johnny Lawrence and Sensei John Kreese are together again on the Cobra Kai Season 2 set. YouTube Red's Cobra Kai is back in action, filming for the second season, which is scheduled to be released next summer. William Zabka and Ralph Macchio recently appeared at NYCC and revealed that the show will contain 10 episodes like the first season, but that they will more than likely be longer because Season 2 is going to delve deeper into the characters, which is awesome news for fans.

William Zabka shared a new picture of himself with Martin Kove behind the cameras on the set of Cobra Kai Season 2. While there's no context given, it's just awesome to see the two of them together again after Kove appeared at the very end of Season 1. When recently asked how Kreese and Johnny get along these days, Zabka couldn't say much, but he did reveal that "there's love between them, but it is a dysfunctional kind of love, and we will see what happens."


The Karate Kid saw Johnny Lawrence as the enemy, along with Sensei Kreese, but Cobra Kai has taken the story and told it through Johnny's eyes, painting him in more of a sympathetic light this time around. William Zabka recently revealed that he never imagined that his Johnny character would be unemployed and drinking beer to forget about his problems, but it helped set the show up with its great story arc. Zabka had this to say about Johnny in Season 2.

"He's still trying to make it work with the limited tools that he has as a person and that were informed by his sensei and the influences around him growing up."

Cobra Kai Season 2 is bringing back more than Martin Kove's Sensei Kreese from The Karate Kid franchise. The upcoming season will also feature Mr. Miyagi's house. The iconic house is now empty and Daniel LaRusso's new dojo. The backyard was teased at the end of Season 1, but the set will be a major component of Season 2, which will more than likely contain some timeout sessions to meditate in the backyard, if LaRusso is able to get his head back to the teachings of Mr. Miyagi.


Cobra Kai screenwriters Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg revealed at NYCC that they had multiple seasons planned while they were making Season 1, noting that they had way too much story to tell in the previous season. Thankfully, the show was a huge hit, gaining millions of viewers, which resulted in a Season 2 greenlight. Season 1 was a treat for The Karate Kid fans, but Heald, Hurwitz, and Schlossberg want a new generation of fans to discover their series, which doesn't seem like a problem. While we wait for some more Cobra Kai Season 2 news, you can check out the awesome behind-the-scenes picture from the set below, thanks to William Zabka's Instagram.