Nickelodeon is bringing back Clarissa Explains It All. Melissa Joan Hart, who starred as the titular teenager in the original series, is set to return for the revival, with original series creator Mitchell Kriegman also in talks to write and direct this Clarissa reboot. Nickelodeon has yet to officially comment on the series' return, but it's being reported that this is in the early stages, so it may not actually make it to air for a little while.

Melissa Joan Hart will not only be reprising her role as Clarissa Darling in the new take on the series, but she'll also be producing the show through her Heartbreak Films production company, which she runs with her mom. In the Clarissa Explains It All sequel, Hart will play the mother of the family. In an interview last month, Hart said that she felt her classic Nickelodeon series could actually benefit from a continuation. Here's what she had to say at the time.

"I like the way we left Sabrina. I think Sabrina ended on a really great note, and I don't think you want to go back and explore that. At the same time, I think Clarissa ended on a note that could be explored again, because it didn't really have an ending, it sort of ended."

The news of this reboot comes not long after it was announced that Nick is also bringing back Blue's Clues. This isn't the first time that Clarissa Explains It All has been revisited. In 2015, Mitchell Kriegman released a novel, Things I Can't Explain, that served as a sequel to the series. While it sounds like she's going to be a bit older in the revival than she was in this novel, the description of the book reveals that there's an awful lot that Kriegman and Nickelodeon could explore in new episodes of Clarissa Explains It All.

"After leaving high school early, Clarissa interned at the Daily Post while attending night school. At the ripe old age of twenty- two she had it made, her own journalism beat (fashion, gender politics and crime), an affordable apartment in FiDi and a livable wage. She was so totally ahead of the game. Ah, those were the days! All three of them. Remember the Stock Market Crash of 08? Remember when people actually bought newspapers? All of Clarissa's charming obsessions, charts, graphs, and superstitions have survived into adulthood, but they've evolved into an ever-greater need to claw the world back under control. Her mid-twenties crisis has left her with a whole set of things she can't explain: an ex-boyfriend turned stalker, her parents' divorce, a micro relationship with the cute coffee guy, java addiction, 'To-Flue Glue,' and then there's Sam. Where's Sam anyway?"

Clarissa Explains It All originally aired on Nickelodeon for five seasons from 1991 to 1994, running for a total of 65 episodes. The series features Melissa Joan Hart's character breaking the fourth wall and speaking directly to the audience. The series also starred Jason Zimbler, Sean O'Neal, Elizabeth Hess and Joe O'Connor. It's not clear at the present time if any of them will be returning for the reboot. This news comes to us courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter.