Are you ready for a Chuck revival movie? So is Zachary Levi and, what's more, is that there are even plans for such a thing. Unfortunately, he's the only one currently making those plans. But Levi would love to revive Chuck with a new movie every couple of years on Netflix. And he even has some plot ideas that he thinks are "genius."

Zachary Levi, who starred as the show's titular character, was a guest at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in San Jose. During the Q&A portion of his panel, Levi was asked about the possibility of doing a Chuck revival move in the future. While nobody else is currently on board, Levi really wants to do it and seems to be working it out on his own. Here's what he had to say about it.

"There are plans, unfortunately they're only my plans. I have some ideas for a plot that I think is genius, but what I would love to do is, essentially, Chuck movies. But not in the movie theaters. I would love to go to Netflix and every two years, do an hour and half to two hour Chuck movie."

Chuck, which ran for five seasons and a total of 91 episodes on NBC, concluding in 2012, centered on a computer whiz and electronics store employee who found himself engaged in espionage and saving the world. Chuck was made into a human Intersect, or a person given a government server connected to the country's intelligence agencies and implanted in their brain. Zachary Levi went on to compare Chuck to the James Bond franchise, at least in terms of its potential. If these Chuck movies could parallel the Bond franchise, he feels they could "get the band back together" and make it work.

"I think Chuck is kind of a perfect premise to do those one-off installments, in the same way that Bond does it. Not to compare Chuck to Bond, but isn't it really the same thing? But it's a happy-go-lucky kind of sillier version of James Bond. We had our baddie of the week every week or sometimes the entire year. And that's a way easier thing to get the whole band back together for."

Reviving popular TV shows has been quite the trend in Hollywood lately. Be it for a limited series run or with a one-off movie. Chuck seems like the exact kind of series that would be perfect for such a revival and, based on these comments made by Zachary Levi at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest, it sounds like it would work. It's just a matter of getting literally everyone else on board. Minor details. You can check out a video clip of Zachary Levi discussing a potential Chuck movie for yourself below.