Christine McConnell cannot, will not, should not be stopped. On the heels of the April cancellation of of her unique Netflix series, The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell, Christine McConnell is back at it in her own, brand new self-produced Youtube series, From The Mind Of Christine McConnell. The series won't be bothering with big studios this time around and is relying on fan support via Patreon.

With enough support on Patreon, I plan to post a new episode once monthly; featuring things like baking, sewing, building & Holiday decorating projects! Patreon Subscribers will receive an additional exclusive episode each month plus extra bonuses. Your Patreon subscription is what makes this series possible, so if you are able to sign up, please do... I promise to make it well worth your while :D -Christine


In the first episode of From The Mind Of Christine McConnell titled "Grandma's Pull-Out Sofa Transformed," McConnell transforms a 1970's pull-out couch (purchased on Craigslist) into an Edwardian Style sofa (While keeping the pull-out feature). You can watch it below or head over to Christine McConnell's Youtube channel to subscribe.

I've just posted the first episode of my new YouTube series, From the Mind Of Christine McConnell, and I'm BEYOND excited for you to see it! I have loved sharing my art since I was a kid and am so thrilled to have an outlet to showcase the variety of different skills I've cultivated since that time. This new series (in addition to offering Patreon subscriptions) seems like the ideal way I can continue doing what I love, while also continuing to give you the best of what I have to offer!


Help keep this new series alive and well by pitching in and becoming a Patreon subscriber today. By becoming a patron, you'll join Christine McConnell on this new adventure and have access to exclusive episodes of From The Mind of Christine McConnell, insider recipes, monthly live streams, polls to where you can vote on my next video topics, and even get some fun spooky treats in the mail.