Last week, Chris Hardwick's ex-girlfriend Chloe Dykstra penned a lengthy essay alleging that Hardwick was emotionally and sexually abusive towards her during the course of their three year relationship. Though she never mentions the TV personality by name, the essay went viral in a matter of hours, which led to swift actions taken by Nerdist, AMC, and San Diego Comic-Con against Hardwick. Now, Chris Hardwick's mother-in-law, publishing heiress Patty Hearst, shared an old video from Chloe Dykstra's YouTube channel in an effort to defend her son-in-law.

One of the allegations that raised the most eyebrows in Chloe Dykstra's essay was an event that occurred while she was in the hospital for a medical emergency. Dykstra claims that Chris Hardwick was in the hospital with her and was generally good to her during her stay, sleeping on a cot to be there for her. Dykstra later says that she was terrified about how Hardwick would react about the reasoning for her surgery and says that he offended her mother by asking the doctor about sex. However, in a video released right after that event, Dykstra is all smiles and calls Hardwick "my amazing, loving, sweet boyfriend" and talks about the medical emergency. The video then cuts to footage of them in the hospital together as she continues to praise Chris Hardwick. It should be noted that many have declared that Dykstra's behavior in the video is consistent with someone that has suffered abuse as stated by the National Domestic Abuse Hotline.


Patty Hearst took Chloe Dykstra's YouTube video from 2013 and shared it, adding the caption, "Social media is a gold mine!" Hearst posted the video in defense of Chris Hardwick and comes after TMZ released some text messages between Dykstra and Hardwick that seem to paint a different story. The texts indicate that Hardwick broke off their relationship when she admitted to cheating, while Dykstra maintains that he begged her to come back for months. Chloe Dykstra took a break from social media after penning the essay and has not made any further comments as of this writing.

In the wake of the allegations, though he had been with the company for three years, Nerdist removed Chris Hardwick's name from their website. AMC struck next and suspended him from his shows. Now, Hardwick will not be moderating the Warner Bros. and DC Films panel at San Diego Comic-Con this year. NBC has yet to make a decision, but Hardwick could lose his position of hosting The Wall as well. The split form Hardwick has been a controversial one, with many taking Chloe Dykstra's side and others taking Chris Hardwick's side.


For now, it looks like the it could get worse for Chris Hardwick in the coming weeks, even with family and friends stepping up to defend him. Patty Hearst is now under fire for standing up for Hardwick and going against the #MeToo and Time's Up movements that have popped over the last several months. This situation seems to be getting messier by the day. You can check out the video that Patty Hearst shared below.