Rose McGowan defended herself and slammed Charmed reboot actress Sarah Jeffrey at the same time. The CW went ahead with their reboot of the successful series in 2018. The show originally starred McGowan, Holly Marie Combs, Shannen Doherty, and Alyssa Milano. Combs and McGowan recently revealed their dissatisfaction with the reboot decision, which prompted actress Sarah Jeffrey, who stars in the new series, to respond. Jeffery said, "sad and quite frankly pathetic to see grown women behaving this way." She also insinuated that their criticism was racist.

On her Instagram story, Rose McGowan responded to Sarah Jeffery's criticism. "Dear Sarah Jeffery, I honestly had no idea who you were til you tweeted," McGowan wrote. "I have been too busy fighting monsters & fighting for a massive Cultural Reset to notice who's in the reboot. Absolutely nothing to do with race, that's quite a stretch you took. I'm beyond glad any WOC has a well-paying job. Hell yes to that. I'm sure you are a great actress." She went on and said that their criticism has nothing to do with race. Jeffery then claimed that Shannen Doherty is okay with the reboot.

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Rose McGowan didn't stop there though. The former Charmed actress went on to express why she is angry about the reboot. "My quibble (google it) is about execs & producers & The WB network trading on years of my work & name in such a cynical and obvious way - a money grab to cash in on the Charmed name." She notes, "I do not care that they remade it, I have far bigger things I'm dealing with. I do not nor will I watch a show I disagree with on principle."

Rose McGowan and Holly Marie Combs were commenting on the Charmed reboot "sucking," which obviously struck a nerve with Sarah Jeffery. However, McGowan is sticking to her guns. "There's no soul or heart in something made purely for profit whilst refusing to elevate and innovate. Reboots will always be the shadow, the originals will always be the sun. I wish you well." The Charmed reboot series has not been the hit that The CW was hoping for, though it does have an audience and they are sticking up for the new version of the show, even if McGowan and others are trashing it.

Holly Marie Combs expressed her anger about the Charmed reboot when it was first announced. "Charmed belongs to the four [main actresses], our vast amount of writers, crews and predominantly the fans. FYI you will not fool them by owning a title/stamp. So bye," she said. Reboots and remakes are nothing new and they are not going anywhere any time soon, despite backlash from original fans. Rose McGowan's Instagram story has since expired, but you can check out a screenshot of it below, along with Sarah Jeffery's original posts.