Several days after his reported disappearance, authorities have discovered human remains believed to belong to Seinfeld actor Charles Levin. Reportedly, Levin was in the process of moving when he vanished without a trace on July 8, prompting his son to report him missing. After initially failing to locate Levin after an exhaustive search, an emergency cell phone ping led authorities to a remote area in Selma, Oregon. As the search efforts now resumed in this area, investigators were finally on the right track when a resident discovered the 70-year-old's abandoned car in the area, sharing its location with the police.

The car was left undrivable due to the terrain and was apparently abandoned. When it was searched, Levin's pet pug was found dead inside, but the actor was nowhere nearby. Authorities then searched the steep terrain in the surrounding areas, and after hours of searching, they finally discovered the remains of a deceased human. The medical examiner will next have to officially identify the remains as that of Levin, but according to the police, there is a "high probability" that what they found is Levin's body, based on the circumstances of its discovery. As the investigation is still ongoing, it's not yet clear what else investigators may have found.

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Levin first began his acting career in the '70s, appearing in movies like Woody Allen's Annie Hall and Manhattan. His first major role came in the TV series Alice as Elliot Novak, which saw him become a series regular by the show's ninth season. Levin also snagged a memorable role as Eddie Gregg in the early '80s series Hill Street Blues, which focused on the staff of a small police station. The actor would make many guest appearances in a plethora of other TV programs as well, including Tales from the Darkside, NYPD Blue, The Facts of Life, Murphy Brown, and Punky Brewster. However, one of his most well-known TV roles was when he appeared in the Seinfeld episode "The Bris."

Additionally, Levin came very close to becoming one of the lead cast members of The Golden Girls. In the pilot of the series, Levin portrayed Coco, a gay cook who prepared food for the titular ladies in their Florida home. The character was intended to be a series regular, but plans changed after the pilot was shot in front of a studio audience. Based on the audience reaction to Estelle Getty's Sophia Petrillo, who was intended to be a much smaller character, the writers decided to make Sophia a main character. While Levin's performance was great, Coco was dropped from the series when it was determined having five main characters would just be too much. After moving on to various other TV and movie roles over the next decade, Levin stepped away from acting in 1998.

As of now, the human remains found near Levin's vehicle have not yet been officially identified. Still, the situation doesn't look very good at all. Our thoughts are with the actor's family and friends at this confusing and difficult time. RIP. This information comes to us from PEOPLE.