Another Charles in Charge star has come forward to accuse star Scott Baio of sexual misconduct. Alexander Polinsky, who defended Nicole Eggert's recent claims against the actor, has retained Los Angeles lawyer Lisa Bloom, and will hold a press conference this morning in Los Angeles. Here's the official press release Lisa Bloom's office sent out about the press conference.

"Alexander Polinsky, who was a child actor on the popular 1980s sitcom Charles in Charge, will speak out for the first time to describe the sexual harassment and abuse he alleges against actor Scott Baio at a press conference (Wednesday, Feb. 14). His attorney Lisa Bloom will speak out as well regarding the legal options available to Mr. Polinsky. Ms. Bloom also represents Nicole Eggert, who has publicly alleged that Mr. Baio sexually abused her when she was an underage actor on Charles in Charge. Actress Nicole Eggert will attend and give a short statement as well."
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Alexander Polinsky actually called out Scott Baio's on-set abuse back in early December, long before Nicole Eggert came forward with her own allegations last month. Scott Baio denied the actress' allegations, claiming that he did have sex with Nicole Eggert, but it was when she was over the age of 18 and not when she was a minor. Alexander Polinsky's press conference is set for 9:30 AM PT, and just a few hours later, at 2 PM PT, Scott Baio announced he will be holding a press conference of his own, to discuss, "the latest false claims and allegations."

Alexander Polinsky and Nicole Eggert's lawyer Lisa Bloom is no stranger to sexual misconduct, having come under fire herself for defending Harvey Weinstein when the allegations against him first surfaced, before she resigned from advising and defending the disgraced producer. Alexander Polinsky's first allegations came on Twitter back in December, when the 43-year-old actor stated that he has, "held in the embarrassment and shame of being abused daily on the set of Charles in Charge" for over 30 years. He was trying to contact Scott Baio through social media to discuss the abuse, but had no such luck, and when Nicole Eggert went public with her allegations last month, he supported her claims.

Nicole Eggert alleged that she was abused on set by Scott Baio between the ages of 14 and 17, which Scott Baio has denied on several occasions, including a Facebook Live video and an appearance on Good Morning America. It remains to be seen what will be announced at both of these press conferences today, but you can check out the statements from both attorney Lisa Bloom and Scott Baio below. You can also head over to Variety for more details on this ongoing case.