CBS television programming is getting even more social with today's launch of the CBS Connect app for Apple's iPad. The app offers the same rich social features as's CBS Connect social hub, which aggregates Twitter and Facebook conversations across CBS daytime, primetime and late night shows, allowing fans to chat live with other viewers and CBS stars. The CBS Connect app also brings fans synced second-screen experiences for some of CBS Television's leading dramas including, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Hawaii Five-0, and NCIS: Los Angeles, with more shows to be added.

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The CBS Connect app provides a single destination where fans can discuss their favorite shows in real time and get direct access to their favorite CBS stars and creative talent. The app aggregates social media conversations across CBS programming to deliver a seamless social experience for each show. In addition, CBS Connect will host exclusive social events and regular live chats where CBS stars and creative talent will chat with fans and take questions submitted through the CBS Connect platform.

The CBS Connect app builds on the success of the NCIS: Los Angeles Connect app, which launched with the series' season 4 premiere, by integrating its second-screen features and expanding to include two other hit CBS dramas, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Hawaii Five-0, with plans to add more CBS shows this year. Each second-screen experience is programmed by the show's own writers and producers to bring fans an enhanced, interactive viewing experience that is truly authentic to the show.

Using the app's sync function, fans can utilize the second-screen features whether they are watching the shows live on their local CBS station, on-demand or on their DVR. The sync function will identify which episode is being watched, pinpoint where the viewer is in the episode, and tailor the interactive experience accordingly. Fans of these three shows can use the CBS Connect app to more deeply engage with each and every new episode, beginning with NCIS: Los Angeles on Tuesday, Jan. 8 (9:00 PM, ET/PT), Hawaii Five-0 on Jan. 14 (10:00 PM, ET/PT), and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on Jan. 16 (10:00 PM, ET/PT).

The app's second-screen features include:

  • The opportunity to take a deeper look at elements of an episode which play a key role in the story but may only appear on screen for a split second
  • - Episode-specific insights and anecdotes provided by the shows' creative teams
  • - Behind-the-scenes access for each episode, such as photos, videos and maps
  • - Spotlights on key locations and sets, like the NCIS: Los Angeles Ops Center
  • - The ability to easily follow and track social comments from the shows' stars and creative talent
  • - Character backstories, quizzes, polls and more

Here's what CBS Interactive Executive Vice President Marc DeBevoise had to say about this new application.

"We've seen a tremendous response to's CBS Connect social hub and our recently launched NCIS: Los Angeles Connect app. Seeing fans embrace the second screen in this way has further validated our multi-platform strategy and we're excited to bring fans one app that sits across CBS programming where they can engage in discussion, connect with their favorite CBS stars and talent, and dive deeper into each and every episode of the shows they love."

In addition to its social elements and second-screen experiences, the CBS Connect app includes new episode previews, video clips, photo galleries, behind-the-scenes access, special events and quick access to view CBS's full primetime schedule.

The CBS Connect app is now available in the iTunes App Store.