Castlevania season 4 is a go at Netflix. The video game adaptation debuted its third season on the streaming service last month and has proved to be wildly popular, in addition to garnering a great deal of critical acclaim. That has paved the way for at least one more season, according to series producer and writer Warren Ellis.

Taking to his blog, Warren Ellis revealed that Netflix has given the green light for Castlevania season 4. While no specific details were offered at this time, the writer did reveal that they don't expect to have a big delay in production, even with everything that is going on in the world right now. Here's what Ellis had to say about it.

"We're on for season 4. We don't expect too much of a...delay, but if that one guy who keeps tagging me on IG to demand 'season 4 now' could f*** off, I'd appreciate it. Four seasons of an Anglophone adult drama animation about vampires, moral philosophy and toilet paper. Which is not a niche production, but something with an audience of (stops, sees Netflix sniper rifle dot)... many, many millions."
"Who saw that coming? If it turns out that this weird thing is what prised open the door on doing adult-oriented drama narrative in English language animation, I would be delighted. Because we just proved that the audience is there, in the same numbers that show up for live-action drama."

Netflix is famously stingy when it comes to revealing ratings or any sort of numbers for its original titles. Only on very select occasions has the company offered a glimpse behind the curtain in that way. With that in mind, Warren Ellis couldn't get into specifics, though he did say that viewership for season 3 of the animated series was much higher than season 2 and was in the service's top 10 all across the world for a week.

"We had our Netflix call about the 28-day data on Castlevania Season 3 last week. And, because Netflix data is protected, I can't actually tell you all the exact numbers. What I can say is that season 3's popularity was an order of magnitude over that of season 2, and season 2 was popular enough to get us season 3. It turns out season 3 did, really, shockingly well. Shows tend to show a little attrition in the third season, and it was, quote, 'unusual' to see the audience actually rise by a multiple factor. Season three was in the Netflix Top 10, not for animation, not for tv, but for all Netflix content, for a week or two in 40 countries."

Castlevania debuted in 2017 and serves as an adaptation of the popular video game series of the same name. Video game movies have often been less-than-stellar representations of the source material, but this show is widely regarded as perhaps the best video game adaptation ever. Case in point, both season 2 and season 3 have a perfect 100 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


There is no telling, at this time, when season 4 will arrive. So far, Netflix has been taking a year and change between seasons. If that sticks, we should see Castlevania return in mid-2021. Whatever the case may be in terms of a timeline, fans of the show have at least one more round of vampire-centric adventures to look forward to. This news comes to us via Warren Ellis LTD.