Those attending San Diego Comic-Con this year will have the chance to be among the first to feast their eyes upon Castle Rock. The new series comes from J.J. Abrams and is based on the works of Stephen King. In this case, it's not a specific novel, but rather a location that comes up in many of his works that helps connect the larger universe of his books together. Up to this point, the series has remained rather mysterious, so knowing that the first episode will debut at the biggest pop culture event of the year is an exciting prospect for horror fans.

Details on the SDCC event for Castle Rock haven't been officially announced by the organizers but a new report states that the event will take place in Ballroom 20 and will include a panel of stars from the series. Sissy Spacek, Bill Skarsgard and Melanie Lynskey are all expected to be in attendance, but it's not clear who else may turn up just yet. J.J. Abrams is busy in the U.K. preparing to shoot Star Wars 9, so he won't be able to attend, but he may still record a video message or something along those lines to show at the panel.

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Unfortunately, Stephen King is not expected to be in attendance at the event in any capacity. Still, getting to see Castle Rock before anyone else and getting to see the cast and those involved with the series talk about it in person is the reason people go to an event like San Diego Comic-Con. Plus, with Marvel Studios, HBO and other big names skipping out on bringing their biggest upcoming projects to the event this year, it's really opened the door for stuff like this to sneak in and steal the spotlight.

Even though a couple of trailers have been released for Castle Rock, what exactly the show is going to be about is sort of up in the air. As with many J.J. Abrams projects, this one is cloaked in a cloud of mystery. What we do know is that the town of Castle Rock first showed up in Stephen King's The Dead Zone and has been named in many novels since including Cujo, The Body and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. That makes it all the more interesting that two actors from the recent movie adaptation of IT and original Carrie actress Sissy Spacek are on board in entirely new roles.

In addition to the panel, Hulu is setting up a big Castle Rock experience outside of the San Diego Convention Center for those in attendance to take in. San Diego Comic-Con takes place from July 19 to 22. Hulu will debut the first episode of Castle Rock on July 25, just several days after the event. That should help the streaming service build some last-minute buzz heading into the premiere. This news comes to us courtesy of Deadline.