Next week's Castle Rock is going to delve further into "the schisma" and the select people in the town that can hear "the voice of the universe." In addition, a new preview video provides hints that Sissy Spacek's Ruth Deaver character is going to be the main focus in the next episode. It appears that her repressed memories are starting to come back to haunt her. Plus, it looks like we'll be learning more about Bill Skarsgard's The Kid and possible Deaver connections.

Bill Skarsgard's The Kid is one of the biggest question marks about Castle Rock. The beyond skinny, bone-white character was found caged and abandoned in Shawshank Prison. The Kid has no name and has no memories of his life, leading to a big mystery that Stephen King fans are trying to solve. Series creators Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason have kept pretty quiet about The Kid, only stating that he's an original character. However, Skarsgard may have let out something that he wasn't supposed to say at this year's San Diego Comic-Con when he revealed that his character has a "mythological connection" to one of Stephen King's books.


There have been some pretty crazy Castle Rock theories about The Kid and how he connects to Sissy Spcaek's Ruth Deaver and the world of Stephen King. One of the more popular theories posits that The Kid is actually the real Henry Deaver trapped, especially since the character has two different colored eyes. Other theories have him as the devil, while some believe that he could actually be Pennywise the Dancing Clown from IT, which doesn't really seem possible, especially since Bill Skarsgard has talked about how refreshing it is to take on such a different character.

Henry Deaver and The Kid appear to share memories, which could also prove of some kind of connection beyond the two different colored eyes. However, there's another theory that says that The Kid could actually be the Deaver family's biological child that was lost during labor. This has led to some pretty interesting theories as to how The Kid has returned, including different dimensions and realities. The new teaser video for next week's Castle Rock episode doesn't infer that we'll get more info on The Kid, but if he and Ruth Deaver are truly connected, we should hopefully get some more clues.


Hulu's Castle Rock continues to surprise and keep Stephen King fans on their toes. After two episodes that ramped up the horror aspects of the show, the latest episode retreated to the mysterious elements of the first few episodes. With that being said, it looks like some of the frustrating elements will be figured out by next week. You can watch the teaser video for next week's episode of Castle Rock below, provided by the TV Promos YouTube channel.