While we await official confirmation from LucasFilm and Disney that Carrie Fisher is returning as Leia in Star Wars: Episode VII, the actress has been confirmed for two high profile guest starring appearances on two very different sitcoms.

First, she'll be seen as Angela Greenberg, an aggressive comedy-development executive that takes up a meeting with comedian Jim Jeffries on his FXX series Legit, which is set to launch Season 2 very soon.

About the role, Carrie Fisher had this to say.

"She's a very crass and confident showbiz woman who knows what she wants and doesn't care what anyone else thinks. Jim's talent doesn't matter to her. She's interested in him sexually and gets what she wants."

While that series is still resting on the fringes, Carrie Fisher also has a much more high profile gig on the biggest sitcom currently airing on television. Yes, on the January 30 episode of The Big Bang Theory titled "The Convention Conundrum", Carrie Fisher will finally appear as herself. She will be joining fellow Star Wars icon James Earl Jones, who provided the voice of Darth Vader in the original trilogy.


Here's what The Big Bang Theory executive producer Steven Molaro had to say about how this episode's story unfolds.

"For the first time, the guys are unable to get Comic-Con tickets, so Sheldon attempts to start his own convention. He needs a killer panelist, but everyone on his list hangs up on him. So he sets his sights on James Earl Jones and tracks him down."

The executive producer wouldn't reveal any specifics about Carrie Fisher's appearance, except that she makes an "interesting" cameo. Could she be playing herself? Possibly sporting an iconic Star Wars costume? We'll have to wait until January 30 to find out.