Michael Dorn's idea for a Captain Worf series has the support of at least one of his old co-stars from Star Trek: The Next Generation. In the original TV series and its various tie-in movies, Marina Sirtis appeared alongside Dorn's Worf as Deanna Troi. She has since reprised the role for a special appearance on the Paramount+ sequel series Star Trek: Picard.

Since we last saw him in the role, Dorn has been very vocal about his desire to return as Worf in a new Star Trek movie or TV series. As of now, he hasn't been asked to appear on Picard, nor are there any plans to feature him in another series. Even so, he has the full support of Sirtis, who's rooting for Dorn's Captain Worf series to become a reality. Via The Big Issue, here's what the actress recently said of what she wants to see as the next Star Trek project.

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"I think personally, it should be a Worf show. First of all, he's a really popular character. And it's never been done before - to have it about the Klingon Empire instead of the Federation with the Klingons as like, recurring. Have it be about the Klingon Empire and how they deal with stuff. I think it would be great. And although I would hardly be in it - I think I might be in it because Michael Dorn's my best friend - I wouldn't mind because I think it would be a really good idea."

If a TV series can't happen, Dorn sees a Worf-centric movie as another good option. Earlier this year, the actor told Horror Geek Life that he wrote a script for a Worf movie similar to Rogue One, as seeing that Star Wars spinoff left him feeling inspired. Because Picard is bringing back so many other Star Trek: The Next Generation originals, Dorn also found it odd that he still hasn't gotten the call to bring back Worf to the Star Trek universe.

"The other strange thing is we have all of these Star Trek shows and Worf isn't in any of them. It's strange, it's not like I've done anything to anyone, at least I hope I haven't, but who knows?" Dorn explained.

Meanwhile, other Star Trek: The Next Generation stars are also feeling disappointed about being left out of the Picard party on Paramount+. Gates McFadden, who's best known for her role as Dr. Beverly Crusher, told TrekMovie.com in May that she wouldn't be in the second season. Noting that she was "sad" that she was invited, McFadden added that she was "disappointed because it would have been so much fun to just work with those people."

Season 2 of Star Trek: Picard will arrive sometime in 2022, and the first season is currently streaming on Paramount+. A teaser has been released revealing the return of John de Lancie as Q, and other returning Star Trek stars in the show's second season also include Brent Spiner and Jery Ryan. Whoopi Goldberg has also hinted at reprising the role of Guinan. The original interview with Marina Sirtis can be found at The Big Issue.