A futuristic online series, where the human race is hardwired to the Internet, is coming this summer. From producer Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects, X-Men), the live-action web series H+ The Digital Series will make its debut August 8 on YouTube. Directed by Stewart Hendler (Sorority Row), and starring an international cast that includes Alexis Denisof (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Amir Arison (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) and David Clayton Rogers (Jane by Design), H+ The Digital Series takes viewers on an episodic, apocalyptic journey where technology has gone horrifically wrong.

Starting today, fans can subscribe to the H+ The Digital Series channel on YouTube. In the coming days and weeks leading to launch, viewers will have access to exclusive new content which will provide insight into the origins of "HPlus" and details about this ambitious and innovative digital series.

"Our first venture into the digital space gives us the freedom to engage fans with new content that is immersive, interactive and is tailored to be enjoyed online," said Bryan Singer. "H+ The Digital Series on YouTube provides us with a strong two-way dialogue with our fans, creating a deeper and ongoing connection."

Also announced today, H+ The Digital Series will be shown at a special YouTube Comic-Con event in San Diego, Calif. on Friday, July 13. Starting at 7:30 pm, a screening of H+ The Digital Series will be held, followed by a Q&A session hosted by Matt Atchity, Editor-In-Chief of Rotten Tomatoes. Panelists will include Alexis Denisof, David Clayton Rogers, Sean Gunn, John Cabrera, director Stewart Hendler Stewart Hendler and producer Jason Taylor.

H+ The Digital Series takes viewers on an episodic, apocalyptic journey into the future where consumers are rapidly installing a chip called "HPlus" into their nervous systems that allows them to access the Internet 24 hours a day - by just thinking it. One day, a virus is released - causing a third of the world's population to die instantly. The series deals with the massive political and human changes that take place, the fight for survival and the mystery to discover who is behind this atrocity. For more information, visit the show's Facebook page at: Facebook.com/HPlusTheDigitalSeries.

About H+ The Digital Series

H+ The Digital Series comes from producer Bryan Singer Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects, X-Men) and Jason Taylor (uwantme2killhim?) with Stewart Hendler (Sorority Row) as director. Beatriz Acevedo, Douglas Greiff, Lance Sloane, Marc Berliner, Bill O'Dowd, James Henrie, Philip von Alvensleben and John Cabrera also serve as Executive Producers. The series was created and written by John Cabrera (Gilmore Girls) and Cosimo De Tommaso. H+ The Digital Series is produced by Warner Premiere, Bad Hat Harry Productions and Dolphin Digital Entertainment, and distributed by Warner Bros. Digital Distribution.