Comedy Central will roast Bruce Willis this summer. The Moonlighting star turned action hero, who has since turned into a grumpy old man, by many accounts, is the subject of the next Comedy Central Roast, the network recently announced. No air date or tape date for The Roast of Bruce Willis has been set, but the special will air this summer. This doesn't even seem like a PR stunt for Willis either, as he doesn't have any projects to promote around that time. Somehow, he's just been convinced to do this. Perhaps a decent paycheck did the trick. Whatever the case may be, this is happening.

The network released a brief teaser trailer for the Bruce Willis Roast, which features the obvious tagline of, "Yippie Ki Roast Motherf*****S." With that, one has to wonder just how many Die Hard jokes the various guests are going to be able to cram into one special. Even Bruce Willis got in on the jokes about his career saying, "This ain't the first time I'll be tied to a chair and held hostage by a group of humorless a-holes for a couple hours." Comedy Central President Kent Alterman had this to say.

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"Bruce has survived terrorists, Armageddon, romance and death itself. Yet, nothing has prepared him for this Roast."

Bruce Willis got his start on the small screen, coming onto everyone's radar with his series Moonlighting, but it was his turn as John McClane in 1988's Die Hard that made him a household name. In the 90s, he starred in movies like Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction, the sci-fi classics Twelve Monkeys and The Fifth Element, and, love it or hate it, Michael Bay's Armageddon. Willis has continued to work steadily over the years, but many of his more recent efforts, such as A Good Day to Die Hard, have left something to be desired.

In the last handful of years, Bruce Willis has started taking on roles that can only be explained as cashing a paycheck, in direct-to-DVD efforts like Catch 44, Extraction and Vice. There's almost no question some of those will come up during the course of this roast. Then again, there is the rare gem in there, such as his turns in director Rian Johnson's Looper and Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom. The old Bruce Willis we all know and love is still in there somewhere.

The Roast of Bruce Willis will be executive produced by Joel Gallen under Tenth Planet Productions. Gallen Previously helmed and directed the Comedy Central Roasts of stars Rob Lowe, Justin Bieber, James Franco, Charlie Sheen, and Donald Trump, before he was elected President. There was also the William Shatner roast, which earned an Emmy nomination. None of the stars who are going to roast Bruce Willis have been announced yet, but that will definitely be something to look out for. You can check out the teaser for The Roast of Bruce Willis, courtesy of the Comedy Central YouTube channel, for yourself below.