With most of the major networks getting ready for their upfront presentations next week, many have started cleaning house, including Fox, which canceled low-rated comedies The Mick, The Last Man on Earth and, in a surprising move, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. While Brooklyn Nine-Nine's ratings have been sagging in recent years, most didn't expect the show to be canceled. There is already interest from other parties to continue the show for a sixth season. While nothing is set in stone yet, new reports claim that streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix have expressed interest in picking up the show, along with traditional networks like TBS and NBC, with people close to the show remaining optimistic that a new home can be found.

A new report reveals that Hulu is considered to be the "front-runner" for the show, since the streaming service already holds the SVOD rights to the show, and since there is already a precedence for Hulu rescuing a canceled Fox series. Following Fox canceling The Mindy Project after three seasons, Hulu picked up the show, where it aired for three more seasons before closing its run with six seasons and 117 episodes. Still, it's being considered a long shot for any other network or streaming service, there are connections to the show at Netflix, TBS and NBC.

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The Netflix connection to the show is Bela Bejaria, who currently serves as vice president of content for Neftflix, overseeing the streaming service's acquisitions of shows that have originated elsewhere. Before coming to Netflix in 2016, Bejaria was formerly the president of Universal Television, and helped develop Brooklyn Nine-Nine before it was picked up by Fox in 2013. Still, for Netflix to pick up a new season of the show, while the rights to the first five seasons reside with another streaming service, seems unlikely.

As for TBS, their prospects are likely better than Netflix's, since TBS picked up the off-network rights to Brooklyn Nine-Nine back in December. TBS is also currently being run by Kevin Reilly, who also helped develop Brooklyn Nine-Nine and gave the show its series order while he was running Fox. Reilly is still said to be a big fan of the show, and TBS also has a history of picking up cancelled Fox shows, giving the animated series American Dad new life in 2014, where it has aired for the past four seasons. TBS renewed American Dad for Seasons 16 and 17 back in January.

The final potential suitor is NBC, the "sister network" of Brooklyn Nine-Nine studio Universal Television. It's possible that NBC could step in and rescue the show, much like how ABC rescued Scrubs, produced by ABC Studios, after NBC canceled the show, or how CBS picked up Medium, produced by CBS Studios, after NBC canceled the show. Brooklyn Nine-Nine continuing elsewhere means it would be more profitable for NBC and Universal Television in the long run. Another long-shot possibility is Fox could simply reverse their cancellation, following this widespread outpour from fans, with Brooklyn Nine-Nine becoming the number one trending topic on Twitter just hours after the cancellation was announced. NBC did this last year when it canceled the new series Timeless, only to reverse its decision a few days later following an outpouring of support by fans. Nothing has been officially announced in terms of Brooklyn Nine-Nine being rescued by another network or streaming service, but you can head over to Deadline for their full report.