Is Brooklyn Nine-Nine set in the Batman universe? Well, according to the new comic book issue Batman #75, it sure seems to be. The issue launches the new "City of Bane" story arc for the comic series, depicting a version of Gotham City completely taken over by DC Universe supervillains. Any and all criminals in the city are forced to sign into Bane's program, making him the most powerful of all of Batman's enemies. For their part, Riddler and Joker have apparently taking over as the city's detectives, but there's something very familiar about their new workplace. As seen from writer Tom King on Twitter, the crooks are literally hanging out in what appears to be the actual building from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

In the comic panel, the two villains are conversing in what used to be a "normal" police department building. There's an officer bound in the background while Joker and Riddler each sit at their respective desks, serving as the new GCPD. A quick look at the room will instantly ring some bells for Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans, as these desks are exact replicas of the ones used by detectives Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero). As if the physical similarities weren't enough, Peralta and Santiago's names can even be seen on the desk nameplates, though Riddler and Joker have scribbled over them with their own.

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Certainly, this is an awesome Batman Easter egg for fans of the show, even if it implies doom for Jake, Amy, Captain Holt, and the other characters from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It remains to be seen if any other references to the comedy series will be included in any more issues moving forward, but as the folks at DC clearly seem to be big fans, it definitely seems possible. If more of the police station in particular is shown, then readers will want to pay attention to the details illustrated in the panels. It also makes one wonder which other TV shows and movies might be referenced next in other issues.

It's not just DC showing love to Brooklyn Nine-Nine in comic books, as Marvel has paid its own tribute to the show as well. In a recent Spider-Man comic, Peter Parker literally references the sitcom by name during a battle with an enemy, cracking a joke about its previous cancelation. When told "it's over," Spidey responds by saying, "Yeah, yeah, I've heard that before, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine still got a Season Six!" Along with the Batman 75 reference, the show shout-out has gone viral to the point where star Melissa Fumero called it "just incredible" on Twitter.

So, it appears there's a place for the beloved comedy series in the world of comic books. It's now been established the show exists in both DC and Marvel stories, although for DC, they apparently even share a universe. Hopefully, Joker and Riddler are taking it easy on the team. You can now pick up a copy of Batman 75 in comic book stores to see the Easter egg for yourself.