Galesburg Police in Illinois are looking for a man relating to methamphetamine possession, and coincidentally enough, he's a dead ringer for Walter "Heisenberg" White from Breaking Bad. On the police department's Facebook page, a booking photo of 50-year-old Todd W. Barrick Jr. was posted with officers asking for the public's help with locating him.

Because of his bald head, beard, and facial features, it's impossible for anyone who's seen Breaking Bad to look at the photo without thinking of Heisenberg. To make the story even stranger, Barrick is apparently wanted for a parole violation in regards to methamphetamine charges. At this point, it wouldn't be surprising at all to learn that the meth in question was blue in color.


Because of the resemblance, people on Facebook are commenting on the photo with a variety of Breaking Bad references. "Have you tried Albuquerque?" Tim Walker writes. "Well, I guess we have a spoiler for the Breaking Bad movie," Amber Hendricks also jokes. Many other comments directly mention Walter White himself, while others are posting various imagery of the iconic character. Because he has yet to be taken into custody, it's not clear if Barrick is aware of the attention his case is getting or the comparisons to Walter White. For many alleged criminals, however, you would think such a comparison would be flattering.


On Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston starred as Walter White, a high school teacher whose health takes a turn for the worse when he's diagnosed with terminal cancer. To pay for his medical treatment, Walter uses his knowledge to produce high quality meth to distribute on a mass scale, turning him into a millionaire. With Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) by his side, Walter adopts the alias Heisenberg when he transitions into a criminal mastermind. With Cranston and Paul's acting serving as high spots of the series, Breaking Bad would ultimately run for five seasons on AMC, all the while being met with tremendous acclaim.


Breaking Bad has since branched out with the prequel series Better Call Saul, which has currently aired four seasons on AMC. However, the story of the original series will continue in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie next month when it debuts on Netflix. The movie will follow Jesse Pinkman after the events of the series, focusing on his life on the run in the El Camino he was last seen driving at the end of the show. There's no word on if Bryan Cranston will be appearing in the movie for a cameo, but it seems likely given his importance to the story and relationship with Jesse.

Hopefully, Barrick will be safely apprehended and this story will turn out better than what happened with Walter White on Breaking Bad. Galesburg Police are asking for anyone with information as to Barrick's whereabouts will give them a call at (309) 343-9151. As for the actual Walter, we'll see if Cranston winds up reprising the role for a special appearance in El Camino when the movie premieres on Netflix on Oct. 11. This news comes to us from Galesburg Police on Facebook.