In both the comic books and the hit AMC TV series The Walking Dead, it has never been confirmed what actually starts the zombie apocalypse, and Robert Kirkman has said plenty of times that he will never reveal the outbreak's origins. There have been more than a fair share of fan theories circulating about the zombie outbreak's cause, but yesterday, the streaming service Netflix debuted a new video that claims the zombie virus may have actually originated on another hit AMC show, Breaking Bad. It's a fan theory we've heard plenty of times before. And while this theory may seem preposterous, there is actually a decent amount of evidence to support this claim laid out on the table here.

Netflix debuted a new five-minute video on YouTube yesterday, which appears to be the first in a series dubbed Fan Theories. This video explores the four things that connect Breaking Bad, set in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and The Walking Dead, which takes place in various locations on the East Coast. The first of these items is the "crystal blue meth" cooked up by Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). In the second episode of The Walking Dead, fans got to see the secret drug stash hidden by Merle (Michael Rooker), which included the blue meth. While that just may be a simple nod to Breaking Bad, some think that it could have been the crystal blue meth that actually started the zombie apocalypse. Here's a description of the YouTube video below.

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"What if Breaking Bad was about more than Walter White starting as a bumbling chemistry teacher and turning himself into a full fledged monster? What if he turned everyone into full fledged monsters? What if Walter White's Blue Sky meth started the zombie epidemic of another all time great show: The Walking Dead! Watch to find out more!"

The second item is the red Dodge Challenger with black racing stripes, which Glenn steals in the second episode of The Walking Dead. We also saw the exact same car on Breaking Bad, which Walter White gives to his son (RJ Mitte) as a gift. After Walter's wife (Anna Gunn) demands that Walter return the car, he takes it back to the car lot, an employee named Glenn tells Walter that there will be a $700 re-stocking fee, which leads Walter to simply blow up the car. This theory claims that Glenn is actually Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun), who manages to fix up the car and head to Atlanta.

The third connection is from a scene where Daryl talks about one of Merle's drug suppliers, who Daryl describes as a "janky little white guy," who Daryl quotes as saying "I'm going to kill you, bitch." This could very well be Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman, since he was a drug dealer, fits the description and has an affinity for saying "bit-h" quite frequently. The final connection is Gus Fring, who this theory claims became the first ever zombie after his memorable death. Take a look at the full video below to learn more about this theory that connects The Walking Dead with Breaking Bad.