After starring for six seasons on Breaking Bad, Walter Jr. actor RJ Mitte is down to bring back the character in a potential sequel series. After Breaking Bad ended its six-season run on AMC in 2013, the universe has continued to expand with the prequel series Better Call Saul and the one-off movie El Camino on Netflix. Neither has featured so much as a cameo from Walter Jr., but that doesn't mean Mitte isn't on board to reprising the role someday.

In a recent interview with Express, RJ Mitte spoke about his role on the acclaimed drama series. Here's what he had to say when specifically asked if he'd be up for returning as Walter Jr. in a new Breaking Bad spinoff following his character.

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"I'm always down. I'd like to see some stuff for the future of the characters, especially the immediate family like the aftermath of what happened to Bryan [Cranston, Walt] after his death in the family. So I think I'm always down to bring that back. And I like to see Anna [Gunn] (Skyler White) and Betsy [Brandt] (Marie Shrader) and everyone again."

Mitte makes an excellent point. While the Netflix movie El Camino brought closure to the story of Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), it didn't provide any updates as to what's since happened with the White family. Like many fans, Mitte can't help but wonder whatever ended up happening with Walter Jr., such as if he's come to regret wishing his father dead in their last-ever conversation.

"A lot of people in this world have had those conversations with a parent or uncle or whatever, where it was like, this was the last conversation, it didn't go well and they died. And it's like, man, I can't go back now. I can't apologize or do anything about this. I already did it and now they're dead. So I think, in that, there are regrets. I think with Skyler, there are regrets as well."

Feeling that there's enough drama left behind by Walter White's reign as a meth kingpin for the surviving members of his family, Mitte also suggests there's plenty of material to work with to continue the story with Walter Jr. Ultimately, however, the decision is not up to him, but Mitte hasn't ruled out the possibility of the spinoff coming to fruition someday.

"You know, I feel like there's a good drama there. I feel like it's a very heavy drama but I think there's a lot to be done there. It's really not up to me, or it would be done. I think there could be some stuff for the future."

Several Breaking Bad characters have made special appearances in the first five seasons of Better Call Saul. This even includes Dean Norris, who played Marie's husband Hank Schrader in the original series. The characters Walter, Skyler, Walt Jr., and Marie Schrader still haven't appeared in any way in the prequel, but it's possible one or more of them could still have a cameo in the upcoming sixth and final season. Season 6 of Better Call Saul will reportedly arrive on AMC in early 2021.

As for Mitte, the 28-year-old recently appeared in the Canadian thriller The Oak Room and was featured on the Starz comedy series Now Apocalypse. Time will tell if he gets his wish of starring in Breaking Bad 2. This news comes to us from Express.