"Remember my name." This quaint statement shall profoundly mark the tombstone of Walter White (Bryan Cranston), science teacher turned Meth King of New Mexico, when the final 8 episodes of AMC's hit series air starting August 11th. Is it a loud threat, is it a whispered plea, is it a promise to make and keep? Knowing Heisenberg, there are many different meanings behind this one simple line of dialogue that will run through the veins of Breaking Bad's Season 5 series final. Take a look as Walter makes his last stand in the New Mexico desert, before "The Decision" debuts seven Sundays from this week.

Breaking Bad Final 8 Episodes Poster

To gear up for the final episodes, AMC has launched the "Breaking Bad Name Lab," which allows fans to see their names transformed with element symbols like the iconic logo itself. The personalized periodic table names can be shared on social media or downloaded as an animated GIF. Try "Breaking Bad Name Lab: CLICK HERE