Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan recently spoke about a potential Breaking Bad spin-off centering on Bob Odenkirk's Saul Goodman, which we first reported on in April. Although AMC hasn't officially greenlit the series yet, the writer-producer is still working on the story, and is trying to decided whether it will be a prequel or a sequel to Breaking Bad.

"It's very much [a possibility]. I mean, nothing [is] signed on the dotted line. Nothing's written in stone, but we are working away on it. My writer and producer, Peter Gould, who created the character of Saul way back in Season 2, he and I have been talking, trying to figure out what a Saul Goodman show would look like. What would be the details of it, the particulars of it? And we're getting together to hash that out every chance we get. It's still in its very early days. [We're] trying to figure out, for instance, whether it's a prequel or a sequel.

We're trying to figure out what kind of story we want to tell as it relates to Saul. But any story that at some point or another showed Saul at his peak, his abilities and his networking skills, would, I think, show the criminal underbelly of a fictional Albuquerque that really had Saul Goodman wired into pretty much the heart of it. This is a guy who kind of knows everybody ... everybody in town, all the major players. And he has a hand in the business every which way he can.

So we just have to figure out exactly what kind of story we're telling. Is it a story about his creation of his own character? Because Saul Goodman, as he explains in his first episode ("Better Call Saul"), is not his real name. He is a self-created character, much like Heisenberg. Do we tell the story of his origins? We're still trying to hash that out. But there are a lot of fun possibilities."

Vince Gilligan is currently editing the last four episodes of Breaking Bad, which we reported in April will return to close out the final season on Sunday, August 11th.