It's all about Marcia, Marcia, Marcia with Funko's new Pop! figures celebrating The Brady Bunch. Marcia Brady, Cindy Brady, Bobby Brady, Peter Brady, Greg Brady, and Alice Nelson have all been immortalized by the popular vinyl toy company, but they left out Jan! How do you make a line of The Brady Bunch toys and exclude Jan? Being the middle child, Jan seemed to get forgotten a lot amongst the group of other children, and now Funko is keeping that tradition alive.

Funko doesn't explain why Jan is missing from their line-up. They simply tell fans not to worry about that. And the joke's hilarious. Here's the official post from their page, which explains the toy line-up.

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"Here's the story of a lovely lady who was bringing up three very lovely girls and a man named Brady who was busy with three boys of his own. Think your house is ready for a blended Pop! family? The iconic Brady bunch is looking for a new home and while the crew would prefer a house with shag carpeting, they're willing to make exceptions. Grow your family with Marcia Brady, Cindy Brady, Bobby Brady, Peter Brady, Greg Brady and Alice Nelson.And don't worry about Jan, we're all about "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia" right now."

Jan was probably the sassiest family member of The Brady Bunch and was always very outspoken, even when she made up a fictional boyfriend. It looks like fans of the iconic TV series will have to make up their own fictional Jan to complete their Funko Pop! collection. The press release states that fans shouldn't worry about Jan for now, which leads us to believe that a second set is probably in the works with Mike and Carol Brady. Maybe Sam the Butcher, Cousin Oliver, and Tiger the dog will be included in the possible next set. The first wave will be available in late September.

Jan Brady actress Eve Plumb still gets recognized as The Brady Bunch star all these years later, which she appreciates, but she would also like to be recognized for the other work that she has done since then. Plumb is a successful painter, has her work at select galleries across the United States, and currently lives in Laguna Beach, California, serving on the city's Design Review Board. Unlike a lot of child stars, Plumb still has her money that she earned while acting on The Brady Bunch from 1969 to 1974. The actress invested her money wisely and recently sold the Malibu home that she bought at the age of 11 for $3.9 million. Take that, Marcia.

HGTV recently purchased The Brady Bunch house in Los Angeles. The network snuck in and outbid NSYNC singer Lance Bass, who was not very happy about the decision. However, it looks like the network is going to restore the house back to its 1970s glory and film a new show around it. It's possible that Bass could be included in the mysterious new show as well, which leads many to believe that the buying of the beloved house was a big publicity stunt.

The Brady Bunch is still a big part of American popular culture and the new Funko Pop! figures should be a huge hit, even without Jan Brady. The show is currently in syndication and can be watched every day across the United States. In addition, fans of the show can turn to Hulu to stream all of the episodes. The syndication is actually what cemented the popularity of the series, and giving it its iconic status. You can head over to Funko for more information on The Brady Bunch Pop! collection.

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