Amazon revealed the final season trailer for their long running, original drama series, Bosch, based on the best-selling novels of Michael Connelly. These last episodes will air June 25th on Amazon Prime. Starring Titus Welliver in the lead role of Detective Harry Bosch, with support from Jamie Hector, Amy Aquino, Madison Lintz and Lance Reddick, the series has been a huge hit for the streaming giant, who have already set the wheels in motion for a new spin-off, which begins production later in the year.

The seventh season trailer has Bosch once again unravelling the threads of a killer's crime, but the real question is how far will he go to serve justice? Based on Connolly's 2014 novel, The Burning Room, and the real-life arson attacks that inspired the book, the new series finds Bosch risking himself and the people around him to hunt down the killer of a ten year old girl. With the usual mix of action, politics and the ever burning question of how far are the good guys willing to go to solve a case, the series appears to be on the right track to go out with a bang.

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The new season will feature 8 episodes rather than the usual ten, but this will still bring the total number of episodes over the seven seasons to 68 for the longest running Amazon original series. No mean feat in these days of channel skipping and multiple streaming choices.

The series originally began back in 2014 to a Rotten Tomatoes approval rating of 83%, with the critics consensus saying, "An uneven boilerplate police drama is sharpened by gritty atmosphere, solid acting, and some rousing, suspenseful turns." Approval ratings for subsequent series hit 100% for all five, with most reviewers weighing in at 8/10 scores, meaning that this final season has some big boots to fill.

The series has used many of Connelly's books, including his first Bosch novel, The Black Echo, and one of his most recent in Dark Sacred Night, which was book 21 of the series, and has managed to weave the already twisting stories into gripping and well-written episodes, with threads overlapping seasons to keep Connelly fans happy and new ones coming back for more.

The seventh series will be the last to feature Bosch as a detective working homicide cases for the LAPD, with the spin-off series following his work as a retired cop working as a private investigator alonside defense attorney Honey Chandler, played in the series by Mimi Rogers.

Seasons one to six of Bosch are available to stream now on Prime Video as part of the Amazon Prime Membership, so anyone late to the party will only have 60 episodes to binge their way through before the final seasons premiers on 25th June. Possibly more achievable this time last year, but everyone loves a challenge right? The first three seasons of Bosch are also available to purchase on DVD and Blu-ray.