Bones creator Hart Hanson and producer Stephen Nathan attended yesterday Paleyfest and spoke about the future of the Fox hit.

Here the creator spoke about how he is confident that the studio will bring the show back:

"There's always the business side between the studio and the network, and they have to figure our license fees and things," Hart Hanson said. "But, I hate to say this, in many, many ways, Bones is Fox's most successful hour-long scripted drama. I'm pretty confident that we'll be back for Seasons 8 and 9, yeah." he added "There will be a large cliff that people will be hanging from," Stephen Nathan said. "It'll change the course, certainly the beginning, of season 8."

They also commented on the 4 episodes separate from the finale:

"Our episode 13 is our big season finale," Hart Hanson said "And then there are four episodes that exist separate of the run that are going to run air... we don't know when. Whether it will be over the summer or salted in with next season, we have no idea. Those four episodes have to exist on their own. They have to be separate from each other and separate from any arc. As a result, they're weird. We kind of did some weird things."

Nothing has been confirmed from the studio but it is likely that it will make a comeback.