Bojack Horseman is heading to Comedy Central. The Netflix original series will be the first from the streaming service to actually make it to syndication on another network and it's not likely to happen often, if ever, in the future. The Tornante Company, which produces the animated series, retained the rights for a domestic syndication sale when they made their deal with the streaming service. BoJack Horseman was one of the first shows that Netflix produced and, in the time since, they have insisted on retaining exclusive worldwide rights for their shows. So this is a unique situation. Comedy Central general manager Tanya Giles had this to say in a statement.

"Comedy Central has a long history of using potent satire to help make sense of trying times, so BoJack Horseman is a perfect fit in our lineup. We're thrilled to be the first to put BoJack on linear TV, and who better than an animated horse to teach us a thing or two about humanity? Straight from the horse's mouth."
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Comedy Central now has the linear syndication rights to BoJack Horseman, meaning that the network will air the series in order and not just with random episodes airing haphazardly. Season 1 episodes of the series will debut on Comedy Central on Wednesday, September 26. The reruns should gain a good deal of attention, as they will begin airing just after the South Park season 22 premiere. Michael Eisner, founder of The Tornante Company, had this to say about the syndication deal.

"BoJack Horseman has been a groundbreaking show, defining the best in adult animated comedy just as South Park was before it. It is very fitting that the two shows will air back-to-back on Comedy Central."

Netflix has been dumping a ton of money into their own original content over the last few years, shifting away from their previous strategy of licensing content from other providers. They're set to spend $12 billion or more over the course of the next year producing movies and TV shows, more than any other studio. These titles are meant to attract subscribers to their service, which is why having them available exclusively on Netflix is so important. As such, future syndication deals such as this are unlikely to happen. That is, unless the company sees a massive spike in subscribers once the episodes start airing on Comedy Central.

BoJack Horseman debuted on Netflix in 2014 and centers on a 90s sitcom star voiced by Will Arnett, who happens to be a horse. BoJack is trying to mount a comeback with the help of his human pal Todd, voiced by Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul. Other cast members include Paul F. Tompkins, Alison Brie and Amy Sedaris. Netflix is set to release BoJack Horseman season 5 on September 16. Comedy Central has released a brief trailer in honor of the syndication deal, which is aimed at those who may be new to the show. You can check out the trailer for yourself below. This news was previously reported by Deadline.