Rumors started to spring up last week that professional wrestler John Cena was going to host a remake of Nickelodeon's Blue's Clues after he appeared on stage in the iconic striped shirt that original host Steve Burns used to wear. Burns caught wind of the development and he doesn't think that his old gig should go to a "buff" pro wrestler and challenged the wrestler to a wrestling match in a new video. The fight part is a joke, but it looks like Steve Burns really believes that the role should go to more of an "average joe."

Original Blue's Clues host Steve Burns took to social media to challenge WWE Superstar John Cena to a wrestling match over hosting the remake of the popular children's show with a blue dog. Burns started out by saying, "I'm calling you out, Cena," while looking directly into the camera with about as much of a tough look as he could muster. He then stated his case about the host of Blue's Clues being a normal dude. He explains.

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"I think if John Cena is serious about hosting Blue's Clues, he and I should wrestle for it. I'm calling you out, Cena. Right now. You know I didn't look like a Justin Bieber or anything like that. I was just kind of a normal weird dude ya know, and I like the idea that the host of that show could be your friend, who really could be someone who you might meet, and who isn't like a super buff fantastic professional wrestler."

The fight aspect is obviously a joke and the rumors about John Cena hosting a new version of Blue's Clues is kind of ridiculous to start with. It has been confirmed that the pictures of the wrestler in the Blue's Clues outfit was just to announce the remake and Nickelodeon has announced that it was just a joke to say that Cena was up for the hosting gig. The network is holding open auditions starting next month, so if you have what it takes to be the new Steve, go ahead and audition.

While John Cena is not going to host the new Blue's Clues show, he is working with Nickelodeon on a few other projects in 2018. The wrestler is hosting the Nickelodeon 2018 Kids' Choice Awards on March 24th, which is his second consecutive year hosting the awards show. Cena is also executive producing a new game show entitled Keep It Spotless. The new show premieres later this month. And lastly, he's voicing a new villain, Baron Draxum, in Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

A fight between Steve Burns and John Cena should still happen. Maybe they could fight for charity, even though it wouldn't be much of a "fight." It isn't clear if Burns will try and challenge the new host of Blue's Clues when it's announced, but it seems that it was more of a joke to fight a professional wrestler. You can watch Steve Burns publicly call out John Cena below, thanks to the TMZ YouTube channel.