The upcoming reboot of the hit Nick Jr. series Blue's Clues has finally found its new host, Broadway actor Joshua Dela Cruz. Additionally, the reboot is receiving a new name in order to make it stand out from the original series: Blue's Clues & You.

Despite having a new title and a new host, the series will still be in the same style as the original, featuring the lovable dog Blue leaving three paw print clues for its host to find throughout the episode in order to answer whatever question Blue is trying to answer. Presumably, the "& You" addition to the title means that the reboot of the show may try to be more interactive with the audience. The original series featured its hosts, Steve and Joe, talking to the audience for a majority of each episode, so it's unclear how much more interaction there will be between the host and audience this time around.

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While Joshua Dela Cruz certainly has a bit of experience on Broadway, serving as the understudy for Aladdin in Aladdin, his on-screen resume isn't quite as full, with his best known work before now being brief appearances in the shows Bull and Time After Time. However, neither Steve Burns nor Donovan Patton were really big name actors in Hollywood before joining the cast of Blue's Clues, so perhaps Joshua Dela Cruz's lack of fame is a good thing.

Original host Steve Burns actually had a bit of a say in deciding upon Joshua Dela Cruz as he was asked to be part of Nick Jr.'s casting process. Who would know the demands of the role better than the man who did it for seven years? Here is what Burns had to say about the process.

"I had the great honor of being a part of the search for the new host, and I give Josh two thumbs-up. He can definitely fill my shoes, and the rugby shirt."

Shelly Sumpter Gillyard, an executive at Nickelodeon, went on to explain a bit more on the casting process for Blue's Clues & You.

"The search for the new host of Blue's Clues & You was no small task, but we knew as soon as we met Josh that he was the perfect choice. From his genuineness to his comedic timing and range, there was no doubt that he could carry the show on for the next generation of preschoolers."

Cathy Galeota, the Senior VP of preschool content at Nickelodeon even had a few words to add about the new host.

"From the moment we decided to make a new version of the series, we knew that so much of the energy and magic of the show comes from the host's ability to bring preschoolers into the colorfully animated world of Blue and her friends. Josh's wonderful theater background and his natural charisma checked all the boxes for us, and of course Steve's stamp of approval only solidified our decision."

Joshua Dela Cruz certainly has some big shoes to fill, but based on how confident the executives at Nickelodeon are about him, there is no doubt that he is the man for the job. This report from The Hollywood Reporter only gets us more excited for this upcoming reboot of the hit children's show, as it will bring a lot of joy and entertainment to a new generation of kids. Time will only tell if Blue's Clues & You will live up to the 11 year run of the original series. Blue's Clues & You begins production later this month, and should be expected to premiere by early 2019.