Blake Painter, best known for his starring role on the reality series Deadliest Catch, has passed away at the young age of 38. At this time, no cause of death has need announced. The Captain's body was found inside his Oregon home last Friday.

A friend of Painter's had become increasingly concerned about Blake after not hearing from the reality star for quite some time. When police ultimately found Painter's body, they determined that the man had been dead for several days. The Oregon State Police have not responded to requests for comment. And Discovery Channel, home to Deadliest Catch, has not made an official announcement or issued any kind of statement at this time either.


The police have stated that several substances were found inside the home. These substances are being tested for possible narcotics. Several prescription pills were also located near the body. But at this time, it is unclear if any of the drugs played a part in Painter's untimely demise.

TMZ was the first to report on Blake Painter's death. They claim that no foul play is suspected. A true cause of death won't be announced until after an an autopsy and toxicology test are performed. It isn't known when those results will be released to the public.

Blake Painter was captain of the F/V Maverick, which was featured on Deadliest Catch. He was an expert crab fisherman, and appeared on the show from 2006 to 2007, spanning both Seasons 2 and 3. Before the start of Season 4, the captain quit and never returned to the show. Deadliest Catch has been quite popular with Discovery Channel audiences, and chronicles the real-life adventure of several Alaskan crab fisherman. The series has been a ratings winner since it debuted back in 2005.


Deadliest Catch was just in the news a few days ago, after crab boat captain Sig Hansen pleaded guilty to spitting on an Uber driver back in 2017, earning himself a misdemeanor charge. The 52-year old fisherman was ordered to stay away from alcohol and drugs after his arrest. Also back in 2017, show star Jake Harris was arrested for car theft and drug possession. In 2015, Deadliest Catch star Tony Lara died from a heart attack at age 50.