We've been hearing a lot about Blade possibly making his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe somehow, some way, in the future. Now, thanks to a fancy new intriguing rumor, we may know exactly how that's going to happen. Recently we learned that Ghost Rider and Helstrom are getting shows on Hulu and that could be the key to bringing the vampire hunter into the fold.

We must caution right up top that this is just a rumor for the time being. Nothing more, so don't take this as official confirmation. That said, according to a new report, Blade is one of many characters Marvel intends to introduce to the small screen version of the MCU via these new Hulu shows. It's unclear if that means the character will be getting his own series, or if he'll just be showing up on shows like Ghost Rider and Helstrom. It also isn't clear at the present time if it will be Wesley Snipes returning to the role. Snipes played the character in a trilogy of movies dating back to the 90s, long before the MCU as we know it came to be.


For those who may not know, Ghost Rider, Helstrom and Blade are all members of a team known as the Spirits of Vengeance in the world of Marvel Comics. Interestingly enough, Marvel has apparently already trademarked Spirits of Vengeance, signaling that they could be building to that as a TV series on Hulu as well. They could, and we stress could, do something similar to what was done with The Defenders on Netflix, by giving all of these characters solo shows before having them team-up in a crossover event series. Hulu is also doing animates series for Howard the Duck, M.O.D.O.K., Hit-Monkey, and Tigra & Dazzler, which are confirmed to culminate in the miniseries The Offenders. So it's quite possible that Ghost Rider, Helstrom and Blade will also culminate in a Spirits of Vengeance miniseries.


Disney, Marvel's parent company, has been making a big push into the streaming game. Not only do they have the Disney+ streaming service set to launch later this year, but they recently assumed full control over Hulu, thanks in part to their merger with Fox. They can use Hulu for more adult-oriented content that may not fit the Disney+ bill, such as Blade, hypothetically speaking. It should be noted that there has been talk of a possible new Blade movie and this report specifically states that such a project isn't entirely ruled out, should this Hulu thing come to pass. Though, it does seem far less likely to happen, in that event.


Wesley Snipes revealed in August 2018 that he had two different Blade projects in the works with Marvel. At the time, no further details were revealed. So it's quite possible, if not likely, he will be involved in whatever this Hulu thing turns out to be, if it turns out to be anything at all. This is something many fans have been clamoring for and those fans may well be getting their wish in the not-too-distant future. Ghost Rider and Helstrom are expected to debut on Hulu sometime in 2020. This news was first reported by MCU Cosmic.