We really can't seem to get enough zombies, and Netflix is quenching our thirst for brains this June with the second season of their intense horror series, Black Summer. It's been just under two years since the first season impressed with its scary zombies, unpredictable twists and race to the finish final episode that left plenty of questions and a hope that Netflix wouldn't abandon the series after just one season. Without much warning, it is now time to slip back into one of the best zombie horror series' since the early days of The Walking Dead. You know, when it wasn't just a soap opera with blood.

Netflix has released the trailer alongside three short clips that create a bridge from the finale of season one and the opening of season two. Under the headings of "Nowhere to run. Nowhere To Hide. No Way To Know Who Is Next", the three clips bring us back into the zombie apocalypse, with a cold twist.

Black Summer season 2 moves the action into the icy cold of winter, but it seems that the zombies are showing no signs of slowing down, which is a good sign as the frantic, super-fast undead were just one of the highlights of the first season. There is something about being chased by a creature that cannot be simply knocked to one side or side-stepped that is more terrifying than the shambling beings of many other zombie features.

Black Summer was something of a surprise hit for Netflix, coming in the wake of The Walking Dead, which takes many of the headlines when it comes to both the survival horror genre and zombie franchises. However, from its frantic opening sequence to its tense, brutal and all too short final episode, Black Summer did not put a rotting foot wrong and even surpassed its AMC rival in a number of ways. The zombies are scary, fast and ravenous, relentless in their pursuit of human flesh. Once these zombies catch sight of their prey nothing short of their own demise can get in their way. While The Walking Dead concentrated on making their zombies iconic, cool and worthy of their own range of action figures, Black Summer set out with the intention of just making them scary as hell.

Black Summer's other great asset was the feeling that no one was above being the next victim of a brain-munching fiend. Unlike most TV series, while it could be argued that the story at its heart is about Rose - played by Jaime King - and her frantic journey to be reunited with her daughter, but overall there is no character who gets more screen time than another, meaning that any of them could be fair game when it comes to on screen deaths. In the last moments of the first season - look away now if you haven't seen it and want to avoid spoilers - we even see Rose taking out one of the other more prominent characters, William, so unceremoniously that it was one of the big "whoa" moments of the series as a whole. There was no warning, no build up and no time to recover as the action moved straight on without even a glance back. A character viewers had grown to like gone in a heartless blink-and-you-miss-it moment.

From our first look at season two, it appears the zombies are just as vicious so we can expect the survivors to be equally as brutal to survive them. With The Walking Dead about to take a bow, could Black Summer be the one to claim the mantle of king of the zombie shows? The new season arrives on Netflix on June 17th.