The fifth season of Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones' sci-fi horror anthology series Black Mirror just went live over on Netflix earlier this month. Featuring episodes with top actors such as Anthony Mackie, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Miley Cyrus, Angourie Rice, Madison Davenport, and Topher Grace, the new season has been met with its share of controversy. And today it seems Brooker and Jones are already teasing season 6 and a possible spin-off of the episode "USS Callister."

Charlie Brooker said in a recent interview.

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"Both of those things are things we can't say anything about. And the fact that my voice is getting higher doesn't tell you anything. I was trying to see how high my voice could go there as a distraction from answering the question."

Annabel Jones then added.

"Yes, I'm not sure what we can say... I was about to say if something is coming out in December, then I'm very anxious. But I don't even know if I'm allowed to say that, so I'm going to say nothing."

December, you say? Hurm... Maybe it's season 6? When asked if they're working on Season 6 now, Jones said this.

"[We] never stop working. Whether Netflix will let us make it become Season 6 is another thing. But we're constantly working out new ideas, yes."

Damn. So close. Now some people might not be so excited about this news following - what many believe to be - an inferior season with the recently released fifth season over on Netflix. But personally, I know this here fan can - without a doubt - say that he's down for further adventures into the deep, dark rabbit hole we call the Black Mirror universe.

Thus far, I've thoroughly enjoyed my time spent in the twisted realms of Brooker's anthology series, and look forward to returning as soon as the powers that be will let me. Especially if that return is by way of a spin-off and/or continuation of the stellar episode "USS Callister." Basically, it breaks down like this, if you've never seen Black Mirror, "USS Callister" is the place to start, I say. The episode was the first of the fourth season and was written by series creator Charlie Brooker and William Bridges.

Directed by Toby Haynes (Doctor Who) the episode follows the reclusive co-founder of a popular multiplayer online game played by Jesse Plemons. Plemons takes out his frustrations on his coworkers by simulating a Star Trek-like space adventure and uses their DNA to create sentient digital clones aka slaves. It's less complicated than it sounds. Anyway, as the captain of the starship USS Callister, Plemons can order his co-workers around, bend them to his will, and mistreat them if they get out of line. But his digital world goes off the rails when he brings Cristin Milioti's character into the fold. It really is a fantastic episode. Just think of it as "What if Galaxy Quest was a dark horror-comedy?" Black Mirror Season 5 is now streaming on Netflix. This update comes to us via The Wrap.