Netflix has started to promote Season 4 of the hugely successful series Black Mirror. They kick off things with an episode titled Arkangel. This story was directed by Jodie Foster, and it looks like every parent's worst nightmare. While the new season of Black Mirror isn't expected to premiere until early 2018, an official date has yet to be announced. The streaming giant has decided to start sharing some information about all 6 of the brand-new episodes in what they're calling 13 Days of Black Mirror. Hopefully it all culminates with the release date because fans are starting to get restless.


The Arkangel episode, directed by Jodie Foster and written by Charlie Brooker, stars Rosemarie DeWitt (United States of Tara) as the mother of a three-year-old girl, Sara (Aniya Hodge). The trailer opens with a man who appears to be Sara's grandfather reminiscing, "I am 2,000 years old and I remember when we used to open up the door and just let the kids be." Right after that, the kid is missing. After the terrifying moment of losing Sara, the child is found, and Rosemarie's character takes her daughter in for a medical trial that includes needles going deep into her skull. Whether it is some kind of chemical input, or a microchip device, it's not clear, but whatever it is, it seems to have a negative effect on the little girl, and it is being picked up on by everyone around her.


The trailer seems to be getting into over protective parenting. The tag line for the trailer that was released via Netflix's Twitter account states that, "The key to parenting is control," and it looks like we might get to explore some various types of parental control and the ways that it works with technology in the episode. The official poster for the episode reads, "mother will protect you," which sets a creepy, ominous tone for the episode. In other words, it looks exactly what everybody has not so patiently been waiting for.

Jodie Foster was recently interviewed about her episode of Black Mirror Season 4 and she explained that it centers around the relationship between the mother and the daughter that is somewhat troubling. She had this to say.

"When we talk about my Black Mirror episode that I just directed. It is very much about a mother/daughter relationship and that kind of beautiful and troubling symbiotic bond between the two and I feel that has a lot of personal relevance to my own life."

No other details have been revealed about Arkangel, but the minute-long clip is probably all we need as far as information goes. Fans just need Netflix to hurry up and release it already.

As previously mentioned, it is not clear when we'll get to see the 4th Season of Black Mirror, but it has been rumored that it'll premiere early next year for everybody to binge watch. More news is expected to drop soon, especially with the 13 Days of Black Mirror going on right now, so expect some kind of news in about 2 weeks-time. While we wait, check out the minute-long review of Arkangel below, courtesy of Netflix's YouTube channel.