Season 4 of Black Mirror features women as the lead character in each of its 6 episodes. The popular Netflix anthology series is coming back with brand new episodes on December 29th, just in time to binge watch the entire thing before the end of the year. Like previous seasons, season 4 contains 6 stand-alone episodes, with each tackling a different genre. There's an episode in space as well as an episode on helicopter parenting and another episode on online dating. When asked about the female-led season, executive producer Annabel Jones simply replied, "Why not?"

When the highly anticipated fourth season of Charlie Brooker's dystopian anthology launches on December 29th, fans will have to watch all six episodes before connecting the dots that each one stars a female protagonist. "Hero" is weird word to use when describing a Black Mirror character, since the series traditionally welcomes viewers into some version of a bleak, nihilistic world of techno-paranoia and ultimately leaves them with a twist that is sometimes shocking. One thing is for sure, the show promotes discussion after each episode and Season 4 is no different. The anthology series looks to be taking some risks with the new season in terms of storytelling, but it looks like the fans are on board to journey to space.

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The Jodie Foster-directed episode Arkangel stars Brenna Harding as a young woman whose mother (Rosemarie Dewitt) tested a parental tracking device on her when she was young and the USS Callister episode sees Cristin Milioti in a dark take on Star Trek. Crocodile stars Andrea Riseborough in an exploration as to how technology could use memory in order to solve crimes. Hang the DJ looks at online dating, with Georgina Campbell as a young single woman, while Metalhead has Maxine Peake face off a dog-like machine. Lastly, Black Museum stars Letitia Wright, in an Easter Egg-packed episode which unleashes a museum of horrors. 

Interestingly, the Crocodile episode was initially written with a male lead, until Andrea Riseborough expressed interest in the part. The story seems to show that maybe the female-led season wasn't something that was consciously thought of from the beginning and something that happened naturally. As previously noted, viewers more than likely won't even notice until after they have watched all 6 episodes of the new season of Black Mirror, which seems as natural as it was for the show's writers and creators to notice that all of the episodes are centered on women.

Black Mirror Season 4 is all set to premiere on December 29th on Netflix and fans will be able to watch all 6 episodes. There's less than 24 hours left to go before the discussions begin, tearing the episodes apart and speculating about the deeper meaning of every episode. In addition, fans will probably get scared of our future, just like every season before it. While we wait for Black Mirror Season 4, you can check out a trailer for the anthology series below, courtesy of Netflix's YouTube channel.