It's beginning to look like Black Mirror movie Bandersnatch will be the choose-your-own-adventure experience after all. It was revealed last week that the project is actually a movie, and not just one of the upcoming Season 5 episodes like many had thought. There's already a page for it on the Netflix site and it features images from past episodes of the hit series, which started to tip people off that it might the often-talked about choose-your-own-adventure project that was talked about earlier this year.

Bandersnatch is reportedly 312 minutes long, which is over 5 hours of footage and is more than likely too long to be a normal Netflix movie. This run time certainly suggests that it will be the choose-your-own-adventure project, though the streaming platform has yet to confirm or deny any of the recent reports. That sounds like there's going to be a lot footage to get through. With that being said, Bandersnatch could premiere as early as December 28th, which is just a few short days from now. The release date was announced back at the beginning of December in a now-deleted tweet.

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In addition to the run time information, a synopsis for Bandersnatch has been released. The story revolves around "A young programmer who makes a fantasy novel into a game. Soon, reality and virtual world are mixed and start to create confusion." The movie's title was a video game in the early 1980s that was never released and has gained near-mythical status in some video game circles. The title was even used in a Season 3 episode referencing video games, leading to more evidence that suggests the choose-your-own-adventure storyline. Again, this has not been confirmed, but the picture is starting to become a bit clearer.

Bandersnatch was directed by David Slade who previously helmed the Season 4 episode Metalhead. Slade also directed episodes of Breaking Bad, Hannibal, and American Gods. Dunkirk's Fionn Whitehead stars in the mysterious Netflix movie. If the choose-your-own-adventure storyline ends up being true, Black Mirror is going to further push the boundaries of how we consume entertainment. However, some hardcore fans are still waiting for an announcement in regard to the long-awaited Season 5, which may have been pushed back to put maximum focus on Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

Even though we just received a pretty decent amount of information on Bandersnatch, it's still, for the most part, a mystery. Mystery is something that Black Mirror does really well, so most of us are going to be obsessively keeping our eyes on Netflix on the 28th. Over 5 hours of footage is a lot to wade through, which sounds a like a dream come true for hardcore fans of the series who have been waiting for the choose-your-own adventure storyline. The Black Mirror: Bandersnatch information was first reported by The Independent U.K.