Bandersnatch is apparently not an episode of Black Mirror Season 5. According to the Netflix website, it's a full-length movie and everybody is trying to figure out what's going on. Back in April, set photos from Bandersnatch found their way online, and at the time, we all just assumed it was an episode for Season 5. At the beginning of October, it was revealed that a choose-your-own-adventure style episode was going to be included in the upcoming season. Could Bandersnatch be that project?

It was previously thought that Black Mirror Season 5 would premiere before the end of the year. However, there is no release date at this time for the series, but Friday, December 28th is when Bandersnatch is reportedly going to launch on Netflix. The release date was announced a while back, but that original tweet has since been deleted. Releasing a movie is going to be awesome for Black Mirror fans, especially if it really is the choose-your-own-adventure episode that we've heard about. It is possible that the streaming platform will release Season 5 and the movie on the same day, though that has not been confirmed at this time.

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Netflix users who search for Black Mirror can easily find Bandersnatch, but it's not available for streaming at this time. As for what the movie is about, that of course is a mystery, just like everything else that the groundbreaking series does. At this point, it would be more shocking if they didn't come out with a surprise. The image on the site just shows off a bunch of pictures from older episodes, which could be evidence suggesting the choose-your-own-adventure project, especially considering that some of the set images referred to older episodes as well.

The set pictures from Bandersnatch featured a 1980s aesthetic along with Christmas trees. As it turns out, the name is taken from a 1984 video game that was never released from the U.K. In video game circles, the game and the mystery surrounding why it was never released is infamous. It is believed that the remains of the game were later repurposed for Brataccas, a game that received poor reviews, but was praised for its graphics. The game follows a genetic engineer who developed the technology to create supermen and is later hunted down by the government after he declines to create a super soldier for them.

Though Bandersnatch is the first Black Mirror project to receive the "film" labeling, there have been other episodes in past seasons that are considered to be movies. Season 3's Hated in the Nation is 89 minutes long and San Junipero and Season 4's U.S.S. Callister are all considered to be TV movies. Regardless of what we're about to see, it looks like it's going to be pretty big when it debuts. Let's hope that the December 28th release date ends up being true. You can head over to Netflix streaming website to see the Bandersnatch page.