Netflix's Bill Nye Saves the World has brought Bill Nye back into the public consciousness in a big way. And he's more popular than ever. As evidenced in a viral video making the rounds where the popular TV scientist surprises an elevator full of unexpected young ladies.

Snapchat is a way of life for some, posting breakfast, gym selfies, beach days, or in this particular story, twerking in bikinis in a mirrored elevator while a shy Bill Nye The Science Guy walks into said mirrored elevator. This isn't the first time that Bill Nye has shown up in an equally unusual spot. Last month, the mechanical engineer was spotted poolside with Public Enemy's Flava Flav and Sex Pistols' guitarist Steve Jones. In that particular photo, Nye captioned: "I frequently make time for science." Though he claims that he frequently makes time for science, he sure walked out of the bikini clad twerk session really fast without dropping some knowledge on the young Snapchatters.

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It was a typical Friday night in Las Vegas when five female friends decided to do a serious bikini twerk and dance session for Snapchat to give their friends at home some serious FOMO in the hotel's mirrored elevator. Twitter user SavMasta was Snapchatting when suddenly Bill Nye the Science Guy walks into the elevator, stunning the young women and certainly surprising Mr. Nye as he sheepishly said, "Hi, girls" and continued about his business.

The mechanical engineer could surely have taken a second to explain to the girls how their favorite Snapchat filters work, but Nye, dressed in a burgundy suit and bowtie, chose to largely ignore the situation like it's not the first time that he's been in the same awkward situation many times before. The girls more than likely grew up watching Bill Nye the Science Guy after school or maybe even in school. Nye currently has a Netflix show, Bill Nye Saves the World and he's on a serious mission to warn the world of the dangers of global warming and other scientific issues that affect our lives.

According to Savanah Prosch, Nye was, "super nice and polite, said hello, and asked if we wanted any pictures." The girls were in Las Vegas for the Life is Beautiful music festival and were on their way down to the pool when they ran into Bill Nye the Science Guy. Nye made an appearance at the festival earlier that day and was probably also on his way down to the pool to look for Flava Flav. Prosch also mentioned that all of the girls were "mortified" and embarrassed, but were later star-struck since he was so nice to everybody.

Bill Nye is currently in the middle of a lawsuit with Disney after he claims that they shorted him out of over $9 million dollars since 1993. Nye claims the House of Mouse, which marketed and distributed his popular show through its Buena Vista Television subsidiary, shorted him on his part of the proceeds. According to TMZ, Nye claims Disney tried to get him to repay the bulk of a $585,000 check the studio paid him in 2008 as his part of back-end profits from his science show. He then requested an audit of Disney's books, which he says proves that they owe him a lot of money. While we wait to see who wins the legal battle, check out Nye interrupting a Snapchat session below.