It looks like prison life is going okay for Bill Cosby. The actor famously portrayed Dr. Heathcliff "Cliff" Huxtable on The Cosby Show for 8 seasons and believes that he gained enough knowledge to be a doctor in prison, going as far as to diagnose his fellow inmates. Cosby was sentenced with 3 to 10 years in prison back in September for sexual assault and it at first seemed like the 81-year old comedian was having a rough time adjusting after reports of a stale hotdog bun hitting him in the head, which caused him to fall down some steps. He was also reportedly slapped with a chicken pattie.

According to sources at Pennsylvania's SCI Phoenix state prison, Bill Cosby believes that the staff doctors are "overeducated, unintelligent children with a clipboard" that don't know what they're doing. So, he has been giving back to his new community by channeling his inner Dr. Huxtable and he's taking appointments. Sources say that Cosby "believes he learned a lot about how to cure people and speak to patients after playing Dr. Huxtable." Another source had this to say.

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"He is accepting appointments from inmates to help diagnoses anything from a cold to obesity. If he thinks they're incurable, he refers them to the infirmary with a preliminary diagnosis."

Now, things start to get a little weirder. According to sources, "He told us that he wore a bedsheet like an apron to get into character". Bill Cosby said that "his medical skills are a tad rusty" since he played Dr. Huxtable on The Cosby Show, but he's still "hip" to the role. Okay, this just seems too bonkers to be true. But, Cosby's publicist, Andrew Wyatt, has confirmed that the comedian is helping out his fellow inmates. He explains.

"(Cosby) has regular and in-depth discussions about getting better nutrition for the residents. Getting them on natural supplements because residents and officers have major health problems."

It appears that Bill Cosby's days as Dr. Huxtable are helping out inmates. But, it might be more of a benefit for himself. A relative of an inmate at the SCI Phoenix State Prison says that the inmates are told to, "follow along with whatever Cosby says." Additionally, it looks like the comedian is trying to get a job to further help. The unidentified inmate family member had this to say.

"He's old, so the prison staff just want no problems. He hopes to get a job in the infirmary, this way they keep him in there. The prison does not intend on moving him, so we just play along to make him feel better."

Being Dr. Huxtable and helping inmates in prison is certainly a lot better than just doing a whole lot of nothing all day. After initial reports of the hotdog bun incident and calls to his wife to take him home, Bill Cosby seems to have found his niche in prison. Let's just hope he stays away from any surgical activities. This story was originally reported by Radar.