Hormone Monsters will be back in October with all the teenage savagery, embarrassment and of course puberty. The newly released trailer for season 3 of Big Mouth promises, "more changes, more feelings and lots more touching."

Inspired by Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg's childhood and the miserable chaos of puberty, Big Mouth follows a group of teens as they try to navigate the treacherous world of sexuality and emotions with the help of their Hormone Monsters, Maury and Connie. The bold and brutally honest look at growing up is made possible by a powerful cast of voices including Kroll, John Mulaney, Jessi Klein, Jason Mantzoukas, Jenny Slate, Maya Rudolph, Fred Armisen, Richard Kind, and more.

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The last season of the irreverent, Emmy nominated series sent us through unchartered waters. After Nick, Andrew and Jessi entered a portal, they found the source of it all: the Resources Department where all the Hormone Monsters come from. The Ambition Gremlin, D. N. Ape, Intellect Sphinx, Hormone Monstress and Anxiety Armadillo met about Jessi's future. Nick, having been left by his hormone Monster, Tyler, searched for another companion and managed to reach an understanding with Shame Wizard. Meanwhile, Jay struggled to accept his bisexuality in the real world. Ultimately, all of the desperate kids came out the other side with hilarious, and very honest, lessons learned. Jessi realized she needed to go to therapy with some help from Depression Kitty and Nick decided on a new Hormone monster, sort of. He's just going to share Jessi's for the time being.

From the looks of the trailer, season 3 is prepared to tackle even more sexually-driven teenage antics as it adds toxic masculinity, incest, gender wars, pansexuality, Florida and Jessi "doing the thing," to the mix. Jay's ready to explore his bisexuality, and Missy seems ready to explore, well everything, with her newfound confidence. Even Coach Steve is going to be getting a little attention from an unlikely ally. Fellow Netflix family members, the Queer Eye Fab Five, made an appearance in the short clip to help the poor man out.

The series from Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Jennifer Flackett and Mark Levin debuted in 2017 to a fast-growing fanbase. In just two seasons, it has become one of Netflix's staples, having pulled in two Emmy nomination and a comedy writers award from Just For Laughs in Montreal.

The streaming platform has been making moves lately in the changing television landscape, including snatching up creators to produce content in bulk. The creative team behind Big Mouth signed a multi-year deal with the streaming platform through their animation production company, Brutus Pink. Under this deal, they will produce animated series and films, including three more seasons of Big Mouth to reach a grand total of six seasons for the adult animated series, a rare feat for any television show on Netflix.

Big Mouth will pick up in its third season exclusively on Netflix on October 4. You can check out the trailer on Netflix's Youtube channel.