The Big Bang Theory has cast William Shatner in their Dungeons and Dragons episode. Believe it or not, this will mark the first time that the Star Trek icon has guested on the hit CBS series and it's perfect timing since the show is about to call it a day. Fans have known for a while that Season 12 was going to be the last, but there are many who are not prepared to say goodbye to some of their favorite characters, so thankfully there are a ton of special guests coming on board to help out.

It isn't clear how William Shatner will fit in The Big Bang Theory Dungeons and Dragons episode, but he's joining the cast with a ton of guest stars. True Blood star Joe Manganiello, director Kevin Smith, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Wil Wheaton are all appearing in the same episode and one can imagine that they're all going to play a huge game of Dungeons and Dragons. The official Twitter account for The Big Bang Theory has revealed the "ultimate Dungeons and Dragons battle" will take place.

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While it's hard to imagine William Shatner playing Dungeons and Dragons, The Big Bang Theory will surely be able to pull it off. As for Joe Manganiello, the actor is a long-time fan of the game and plays as often as he can, so that won't be too big of a stretch. It's also tough to imagine NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar getting in on the game too, but maybe Kevin Smith can help show the new guys what's up. No other information about the episode has been revealed at this time.

The Big Bang Theory has been trying to get William Shatner on the show for years, but the actor has reportedly been weary of signing on out of apprehension about playing an exaggerated version of himself. Wil Wheaton is Sheldon's nemesis on the hit series and he plays an exaggerated version of himself, which has become a fan-favorite aspect of the show. Whatever the case may be, Shatner has had a change of heart and will appear on The Big Bang Theory in honor of its last season.

It's pretty hard to believe The Big Bang Theory has never had William Shatner on the show before. But, now is definitely the best time to sign on. While fans are starting to get emotional about the end, the cast has also been pretty emotional, except for Jim Parsons, who is scared that one day he's just going to have a full emotional breakdown. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Kaley Cuoco has revealed that she can't stop crying when thinking about the end of the show that started back in 2007. It's been a solid and successful 12 years for The Big Bang Theory, but it's almost time to say goodbye. The Big Bang Theory Twitter account was the first to announce the William Shatner news.