As many speculate that The Big Bang Theory Season 10 will be the show's last, the long-running and very popular sitcom seems to be pulling out all the stops. It has already lined up some pretty spectacular guest stars for the upcoming new episodes. But will one scarlet speedster be zooming by to give Leonard and Sheldon a surprise? Here's what co-star Mayim Bialik had to say after Brandon Jones stopped by the Warner Bros. set.

Thanks for your "flash"y guest spot @brandonwjones. He's sweet, he's southern and he feels comfortable in latex. Brandon Jones, we had fun having you guest star this week!"

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Ok, so Brandon Jones isn't exactly Grant Gustin from The CW's The Flash. Nor is he Ezra Miller, who is currently shooting the big screen blockbuster Justice League in London, starring in that superhero ensemble as Barry Allen. Brandon Jones has a recurring role as Andrew on Freeform's extremely popular drama series Pretty Little Liars. But it's rumored that he will be playing some version of Barry Allen (aka The Flash) at some point during The Big Bang Theory Season 10.

So, of course, even though both Big Bang and The Flash are produced by Warner Bros. TV, this doesn't sound like it will be a straight up crossover, which would truly be epic. It isn't known what type of role The Flash will play in the ongoing story, or if he will be part of a dream or imaginary Flash-back. It is believed that The Flash will somehow be involved with the ongoing storyline that deals with Leonard, Sheldon and Howard's quantum gyroscope for military applications.

This isn't the first time The Flash has had a presence on the hit comedy series. During a Season 1 episode, all of the guys dressed up as the scarlet speedster for their Halloween episode. And Dr. Sheldon Cooper is often seen wearing a T-shirt that is adorned with the superhero's emblem. There have also been plenty of references to the DC Comics superhero throughout the show's previous 9 season run.

Brandon Jones is just the latest in a long list of guest stars poised to make their presence known in The Big Bang Theory Season 10. TVLine reports that Keith Carradine will return as Penny's dad for the September 19 premiere, alongside the first ever appearance by Penny's mom and brother, to be played by TV icons Katey Sagal and Jack McBrayer. And Breaking Bad star Dean Norris has a recurring role as an Air Force representative who has taken a great interest in the boys' current scientific breakthrough. So, while we might not be seeing 'the real' Flash or the 'big screen' Flash, it sounds like the Flash will be running through Pasadena at some point.