When Season 9 of The Big Bang Theory ended just a few weeks ago, we were left with one big cliffhanger. Did Sheldon's mom Mary and Leonard's dad have sex? That's likely to be answered in the opening moments of the Season 10 premiere, with little to no time passing between seasons. Which means pregnant Bernadette hasn't really started to show yet. And she won't for several weeks. It sounds like the game plan is to have this pregnancy play out in relative real time from episode to episode, which means we won't get to see baby Wolowitz until, perhaps, the Season 10 season finale.

There have been consistent rumors that The Big Bang Theory is ending with Season 10. If that turns out to be true, the birth of Howard and Bernadette's first child would be a good place to bring everything to a close. But that hasn't been mentioned by anyone directly connected to the show. Showrunner Steve Malaro has confirmed that this pregnancy will play very realistically, and we'll get to see Howard and Bernie suffer through it all one joke at a time. He explains to TVLine.

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"It'll still only be a few months in. We're taking it slow. The plan is to just let it roll out like a regular pregnancy."

While the pregnancy will last the entire season, it isn't known, if there is a Season 11, whether or not the show will go the same route as some other iconic sitcoms and time jump to the future, where the baby has grown, much like they did on Modern Family. That might not work for this show, as many storylines revolve around current pop culture trends. And plots such as a recent one that found Howard and Leonard attending a Suicide Squad test screening, or the gang standing in line for the latest Star Wars premiere on the same night the movie opens in the real world, would no longer work.

Bernadette's pregnancy was just one of many bombshells dropped throughout Season 9, which kicked things off with Leonard and Penny's shotgun wedding in Las Vegas and ended with a second marriage for the pair. It also saw Sheldon and Amy struggling to reconnect and eventually get back together, with the pair finally having sex for the first time. While the pregnancy storyline for Howard and Bernadette will be a big one for the show, we can't imagine that it will take center stage away from Sheldon and Leonard's relationship, which is the anchor of the sitcom.

It was announced earlier this year that The Big Bang Theory has been renewed for Season 10, but after that, cast contracts are up. And there will be some lucrative negotiations taking place if CBS plans to bring everyone back for more episodes. Some of the actors have expressed a desire to keep the train rolling, but it all depends upon CBS. The show is still one of the most popular on TV. But it might be too expensive to continue on into the future. However it shakes out, The Big Bang Theory will live on in syndication until the end of the world.